Friskies Cat Video Contest Contenders

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Friskies is sponsoring “The Friskies”,  the cat video event of the year with over $25,000 in prizes. If you haven’t sent in your entry yet, hurry! The deadline is noon, Monday, July 15. For contest entries and all the latest  contenders and info, head over to The Friskies Video Awards

Throughout “The Friskies” Contest, they will donate more than 250,000 cans of cat food to 20 partner animal-rescue organizations for a win win.

The Friskies

Our video of Domino and Odin doing ballet is cute but we doubt it would win any prizes. What do you think?

Our friends at Glogirly have entered the Friskies video contest and have all the right moves with their funny Waffles Air video. Last year they were finalists in the Catventure category. We think they have a winner this year. Their entry also fits the bill for this week’s Saturday Photo Hunt theme “Flamboyant”; see if you don’t agree.

We hope you agree with us and vote for Glogirly in the Pettie Award category: Funniest Cat Blog, well, because they are.

Click here to vote and while you’re at it, vote for us too!

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19 thoughts on “Friskies Cat Video Contest Contenders”

  1. Cute video. We can’t ALL be Glogirly (cos that would confuse Katie). I thought about entering my Midnight Snack video. I guess I can remove the music and enter it even though I was given permission to use it from a friend of mine.

  2. We loved Odin and Domino’s video. WE thought it did show how much they love each other. And we do love W2 video too. That kitten can fly!!!

  3. Thanks so very much for sharing our crazy video!!!
    We’ve got all paws crossed here that we might be selected as a finalist!
    Katie figures if she has to live with Orange Crush, maybe she can turn him into her meal ticket. ; )

    I LOVE Odin and Domino’s video! I’m thinking of using it as a training video for Katie & Waffles. Their tussling is much more civilized that what I often see around here. haha!


  4. Oh my cat!!!! How cute these are! Good luck to you both! Have you guys seen Wasabi-Chan? He is hot on the vid circuit now….he is adorable.
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  5. The videos are great! I wish I had such golden paws to make a good video. I will vote – of course! Have a great caturday!

  6. We love any video of playing cats! Little Waffles is so cute! Adopting him is one of the best things Glogirly has done. The energy kittens have. We’re off to take a nap now . . .

  7. I do think Katie’s human has a winner with this year’s video! My human wishes someone would fly her to New York for the awards!

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