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Forever Friends on World Cat Day

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Merlin here…it’s World Cat Day!

I’ve been thinking about friends lately and how important they are. My best friend for sixteen years was my sister Coco who went to kitty heaven last year. I was really sad until Odin and Gris Gris came to live with us. Coco was never as sociable as me. I’ve always had outside friends: cats who lived in the neighborhood, feral cats and even the odd dog. I’ve enjoyed lots of human friends including Layla’s friends, family, clients and students and employees of her hubby. In my younger days, I was quite the social butterfly and while napping is #1 on the agenda, I still like to talk, cuddle, be massaged, sit on laps and generally be adored.

One of my friends is Domino, who has been my outdoor friend for seven years. We’ve always gone for walks together and hung out on the porch but our friendship has changed since shall we say, my reduced vision. I still refuse to be called blind! Anyway, I can’t see him too well and he thinks I’m walking funny so he tried to play ambush me from the bushes, but boy did that backfire! It just scared me and I’ve been avoiding him, until last week. We had a talk, mancat to mancat and ironed things out. You gotta do that sometimes with friends so you can see eye to eye. Have a great day my friends and do something special for the cats in your life.



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