Feline Weather Reporters

We spent a blissfully warm long weekend in the garden and couldn’t believe our eyes. Normally, the leaves are yellow and turning red, but not this year. We’ve decided to become feline weather reporters to track the autumn changes. Domino offered to lead the way…


Okay, some falling leaves but not much. Summer is over. The leaves are still green. What is wrong with this picture? No not this picture…

cat wisdom 101-garden-autumn

Enough reporting. I want to play. Where is Odin? Can you find him?


He popped up like a Jack-in-the-box. Silly monkey. We both wanted to catch the cutest baby rabbit but we let it get away. I like keeping my eye on things on the driveway… and Odin keeps his eye on…


the sky. Yup, clouds. Tomorrow’s forecast: cloudy and cooler 🙁

one-eyed cat-odin

13 thoughts on “Feline Weather Reporters”

  1. We just love your property. It is so beautiful and the kitties are so fortunate to be able to play and romp and enjoy!

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos…Loved that Odin was tough to find in that one photo….Domino looks SO great these days….and the fall weather is feeling mighty fine and giving our cats extra bits of energy I think! Our weather is about to turn cooler too…that means more colorful leaves I suspect.

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. What great pictures of Dom. He sure does look good. All that good food that Dad is giving him. We are so happy that he is happy. I just let my feral cat Maggie out of her room and she seems pleased. Still can’t touch her but figured if she sees me touching the other cats. Who knows. Take care and have a great day.

  4. Our leaves are just now turning and by the way, that beautiful pale pink nosey of yours is the purest pink I have ever seen. You are gorgeous and you need a kiss on your soft cheek.

  5. stunning photos! you truly live in an emerald paradise!

    I guess it depends on what part of the country you are in. Our leaves have been turning and are quite vivid already, the peak is usually around mid to late October here…yours should be stunning when they DO change!

  6. It is odd, the way the leaves are changing this fall (or rather, not changing). I love the photo of Dominino in the driveway – the way the light comes through the trees is just beautiful.

  7. Oh what a beautiful place for the cats to wander. I bet they will be in their element when the leaves start to turn and get crunchy! Here in the uk i still have some summer flowers in bloom… The cats had begun to grow their winter coats but now the weather has gone mild again!

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