Feline Love is in the Air



We are feeling the LOVE this Sunday.

Valentine-cat-new york post-odin-mystery miss-cat wisdom 101-Layla Morgan Wilde

The New York Post featured pets in love today from puppies to turtles. Our lothario aka Odin and his lady love, Mystery Miss are mentioned as one of the “couples” There is a photo which I’ll share it on FB and Twitter. I haven’t seen the hard copy of the newspaper yet. Please note: Odin will be two in June and is not six months old as mentioned in the Post article.

  • If you haven’t already entered our Hello Kitty watch giveaway, tomorrow is the last day. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday. It would make the purrfect Valentine’s Day gift. The box alone is purrty special. To enter just leave a comment at the original post.hello kitty-watch-cat wisdom 101-giveaway

There’s also only one more day to nominate us for a Readers Choice Award for Best Cat Web site from About.com. It’s easy. The nomination form is here

We send you purrs of thanks today and every day because you LOVE cats.


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