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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

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Odin here. I’m giving my mom, Layla a break from blogging. I love feng shui and think things flow better when life is balanced. Those feng shui lucky Chinese coins were fun to play with but rats, my mom took them away from me. She said something about better being safe than sorry. One thing I’m not sorry about about is winning a prize called Seven Things About Me Award…

and then our friend Carl gave us the Bring On the Nip award which asks what inspires me the most.

The #1 thing that inspires me is you, dear reader. That and having the most awesome giveaways! I get to test amazing products and then the companies send the winner the prize. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the super big giveaway winner for a KatKabin valued at $165.00 is Andrea D. Concatulations! Look for an email from Layla and Cat Wisdom 101.

Okay, more about me… #2- I only have one eye but it’s a big one.

#3 My favorite treat this week is Lickety Stiks.

#4 I may or may not have a new girlfriend.

#5 You can call me a four seasons cat. I love every season even running in the snow like Husky d o g s.

#6 I can read minds.

#7 Mischief is my middle name. No not really but if the paw fits…

1. naughty behavior: behavior, especially by cats, that is undesirable or troublesome without being malicious
2. tendency to naughty behavior: a tendency to mildly troublesome or undesirable behavior such as teasing or practical jokes, har har har,
3. injury or damage: injury or damage caused by the actions of hunting mousies.
4 harmless troublemaker: somebody who causes or enjoys causing harmless trouble. The mousies might not agree.
Mischief from [ 13th century. < Old French meschef < meschever “meet with misfortune” < chever “come to an end” < chef “head” ]
Oh and I also like reading. If you’d like to win a copy of a fab new book by best-selling writer Greg Kincaid, we’re giving away two copies of A Christmas Home just by leaving comment at our review



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