Double Home-made Crazy Good Giveaway

catnip-cookies & carrots & mancat mats, Oh My! cats

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Pawalla giveaway for 3 months home-delivered treats and toys is Kathryn. Congratulations! Look for an email from Layla.

There’s something special about things that are one-of-a-kind, homemade or handmade. We love providing giveaways but it’s nice to win too and we did! A new blog, Cherry City Kitties had a giveaway for a ManCat Mat and we won it. Before long, a package arrived with a handwritten note from three cats Harry, Dexter & Tipp and their mom C who made the Mat and also sent a healing stone for our Merlin. Cats that are bonded don’t minds sharing beds but all cats like their own special spots for napping.

giveaway-mancat-mat-cat-cherry city kitties

The Mancat Mat is a cozy, reversible wooly mat made from upcycled thrift shop clothing. Odin took an immediate liking to it and it sits on top of a dining room chair. If you’d like to win a ManCat Mat made for your kitty, read on.

Another package arrived from Brumby Yarns and Odin went so crazy after I opened it I stuck the whole package in the fridge. When I had time to examine the contents more carefully, I discovered the source of Odin’s rapture: Hand-crocheted catnip toys in whimsical shapes wrapped in a super crinkly bag tied with yarn. There was a carrot, a strawberry, an Oreo-like cookie and a grape with a bell, all filled with catnip and valerian. There was no banana but Odin went bananas! He had to get his paws on all them and he did. His opinion? Crazy good!


After I emptied the bag he stuck his head inside and then inside the empty shipping envelope. For safety reasons, please dispose of the bag and yarn. DIY types, can re-purpose them with some fabric into another toy.

To see all the creative goodness from Kindra Haymaker at Brumbys Yarns, visit her Etsy shop Brumbys Yarns

A very relaxed but more polite Odin has this to say.


One lucky kitty or their human will win a ManCat Mat and one other lucky entrant will win a package of catnip toys from Brumbys Yarns.

To enter to win simply leave a comment at this post anytime until 11:59 PM August 16, 2012. The winners will be announced next Friday. Good Luck!

61 thoughts on “Double Home-made Crazy Good Giveaway”

  1. I have a few catnip crazy cats and I would love to win them the catnip toys! If I get picked to win the mat I hope that my Lucky gets it, he tends to sleep on the floor and I’d love to put a nice mat out for him (he declines all the beds I’ve tried so far).

  2. Mewmew! Mew always have the best giveaways Auntie Layla and Cat Wisdom mancats! What would mew boys do if suddenly a lady cat were to join mewz family? Have mew had a sister before?
    Paws crossed, purrrrrrrrrrrr! <3<3<3

  3. Yahoo for all the fun stuff and congrats to all the winners! We would luv to win (we luv to enter as much as win). New toys or a new bed that is hand made with love is xtra special. Remember shelter kitties love something warm and cozy that smells like love too! Making a special blankie for a shelter kitty to snuggle up in is a fun and very special project that most anyone can do even kids and upcycling is a wonderful thing.
    Mucho grande purrs to all! luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. I’m sure Joel, Samuel and Ziva would love to have some new toys. The catnip is an extra bonus as they do love their drugs, probably inherited from their mom, a child of the 60’s. And shaped like food! Wow! Just add cereal and it’s a stoner’s dream come true. Just kidding. My cats do not get high every night. Not every night.

  5. I love this! I have three cats and, while one is not yet bonded completely with the other two, they don’t really seem to mind sharing. That is, as long as the other vacates the bed first. I also would like to have the patterns for crocheted catnip toys. What a great way to use scraps of yarn!

  6. Can a UK kitty enter???
    If so, my man-cat, Scooter, loves blankies, quilts, woollys and things! And his 19 1/2 year old back can feel the cold sometimes so he’d love your man cat mat!!!!
    Love and under-chin scritchies to Odin xxx

    ps you mentioned a healing stone; which type of stone do you have? I have a lapi lazuli which I’m told might be calming. I have it tucked under the pillow he uses at night 😉

    1. Yes, U.K. be sure to come back on Sunday when we have a U.K based giveaway. The stone is a quartz from Lake Michigan. All stones have different healing properties. Lapis lazuli is indeed soothing. I lost a favorite broach with one. Odin purrs his thanks…

  7. Oh! The Fur-Babies would LOVE to win! I can just see Georgy and Mikey debating over who gets the first nap on the Man-cat Mat… or Annie and Bailey playing with the new toys. Please enter us to win.

  8. My ‘kids’, all 5 of them love special new things. I know my handicapped Lillia would love the mat and everyone would go crazy for the nip! Great giveaway, Thank you & good luck everyone!

  9. Love the Mancat Mat! My cats love lounging on mats! And the toys are just adorable. Love handmade toys! Hope my kitties win!

  10. This giveaway sounds cool & I have plenty kitties who’d love a Mancat Mat! Regardless of that, I DO enjoy your site & blog! ^.^< <3 (Lisa Anne)

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