Domino’s Healing Journey

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Love helps all of us heal faster. For Domino, a feral with an extreme abscess in his leg for over a month, began his healing journey by getting trapped last Friday. Our vet rushed over in his mobile clinic and an x-ray revealed a massive infection in all the bones of his leg. After shots of antibiotics and painkillers, his leg was shaved and lanced. As soon as the anesthetic wore off, Domino found super-kitty strength and escaped from his recovery enclosure on the porch. For seven years, he has refused to come indoors, preferring the comfort and freedom of the porch. We’re hoping this is the year he decides to come inside.


cat wisdom-feral-cat-survivor
Domino, a survivor


He slept elsewhere that first night but showed up for a meds-laced dinner on Saturday but chose another spot on the porch to sleep, as if his usual chair was tainted or unsafe. I suspect he associated it with the ordeal since I’d placed his familiar smelling cushion inside the enclosure. I decided to keep the kitty litter from the recovery enclosure and considered it a good sign that he used it. A first in his life. His hangdog expression and shifty eyes relayed his mistrust. He avoided direct eye contact.

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By Sunday, he ventured out to sit on his favorite tree root (top photo) which I believe has a healing energy. He cried out loudly for his friends who joined him for a happy reunion. He looked battered but stoic and every day has brought incremental improvement. The vet hoped for touch-toe after a week. After a month of putting no weight on his foot, he used both legs to use his scratching post for the first time on Monday and appeared perky and looked at me with a new softness. I talked to him about the worse being over and how every day would bring improvement.

On Tuesday, he gingerly placed a little weight on his foot and his mood brightened dramatically. He’s been hanging out with Merlin, Gris Gris and Odin, who treat him respect and gentle kisses. Even rambunctious Odin played more gently. And best of all, Domino is back sleeping on his old cushion. He needs to be on antibiotics for 8 weeks but with enough love, I’m optimistic for a complete recovery. Thank-you to all of your loving messages, prayers, purrs and long-distance healing.



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  1. Sam and I are thrilled to hear Domino seems to be recovering so nicely from his ordeal. I cry when I read the updates – we had a beloved “yard cat” who we named Toby who behaved just like Domino. I was sure he was a very elderly barn cat from the horse farm near us….he won my heart and we enjoyed his gentle presence on our porch for about a year. He was the only cat Sam has ever “trusted”….we’ll always miss him – he just disappeared one day and we believe it was just “his time”. Anyway, Domino sounds so much like Old Toby. Here’s hoping Domino continues the road to complete recovery and enjoys Odin’s birthday party on Saturday with the rest of the gang!!

  2. This has to be my time for good news. Yesterday, I had lunch with someone I haven’t seen in 50 years, and we got along just as though it was yesterday. Today, I logged onto Cat Wisdom 101 and learned that Domino is doing well going down his road to recovery. If I had a tail, I’d wag it for all this happiness! Meanwhile, I just smile.

  3. WEll that is such good news. I am so glad he is sleeping on his cushion again and eating and putting a little weight on that leg. Dom is one of our favorites. And we relate a lot to feral cats. That is what is so wonderful about cats or any animals, they are so forgiving. Splitters sends her best Dom. Take care. Lots of purrs coming your way.

  4. PURR R R r r r. This is a wonderful little story. I am so glad to read of Dominos healing journey is going so well. You deserve a lot of “kudo’s” for your persistence and compassion…

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