Collared-Good Kitty Bad Kitty

It had to be done. Odin’s been collared. What could be better than a  Good Kitty Bad Kitty collar fit for a lovestruck Gemini cat? He has only one thing on his mind: Mystery Miss. Even a cold winter’s day, he insisted on going out. I insisted he wear his collar with ID. Before you could say Harlequin Romance, She appeared by their trysting spot on the stone fence. They had a brief roll in the weeds and went their separate ways. It was too cold for all of us except for a brief rendezvous but there’s always tomorrow… collar-good kitty bad kitty-cat wisdom 101

Meanwhile, the former outdoor boy Domino, has spread his comfort zone into my dressing room and the ratty old loveseat with Merlin’s bears and Odin’s sultan’s tent bed. He’s “Domino the Debonaire” now, bearing no resemblance to a feral cat. If anything, he’s turned more dog-like. He plants himself at the front door and mew/barks when he wants to go outside. He’s no lovesick fool,

formerly-feral-fun-cat wisdom 101

and smacked  some sense into Odin. “Freeze your butt for some kitty? Fugetaboutit!”

formerly feral-cat wisdom 101- cat tent bed-playing

12 thoughts on “Collared-Good Kitty Bad Kitty”

  1. Great pix of the boys as always…Odin looks dashing in the new collar and Domino looks truly – TOTALLY – formerly feral relaxing on the loveseat! Did you ever figure o if the lovely Mystery Miss is “with kitten” or is she merely full-figured??

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Yay, Dom. Glad you are so comfy in the house. We feral kitties here still like to go outside on occasion. But Dom, I can’t tell you how happy we are to have you so happy. Odin, hope the collar helps to keep you safe. Have a terrific Tues

  3. Ingrid, it the same fabric I custom upholstered a number of pieces years ago and the cats marked the love seat as their scratching post. I don’t mind and haven’t dared clean it properly since it has the special scent and memories of dear departed Coco.

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