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Merlin here reporting for Layla, who is crazy busy juggling several balls and projects while keeping her chin up but not too high.

We were dragging our chins a bit lately. First, our contest prize got switched yesterday, but it’s a way better prize so it’s all good. You can still win. Go enter (see yesterdays post: Purrs and Roses).

Then, we were feeling all hoity toity about being on television (At least Odin was). Here he is with his nose in the air like his poop don’t stink. Let me tell you it does.


The segment filmed for The Daily Show with Jackson Galaxy at our house kept getting bumped week after week. We finally heard: it’s edited but in a cue with other segments and will air the week of July 11th to 15th. That’s show biz for you!

Other news & mews

After a long application process, I’m happy to announce our mom, Layla Morgan Wilde is  now a professional member of the Cat Writers Association She’s in very good company with the best cat writers, bloggers, artists and photographers.

And last but not least, Cat Wisdom 101 celebrated our first month with a very respectable average of 250 hits per day and growing fast. Purrs of thanks to you dear reader. We’ve only just begun. We hope you share the love on Facebook or wherever you wander. Keep “liking” us. We have lots of surprise goodies in store for you! You won’t want to miss a thing, so subscribe today and remember, keep your chin up! It’s all good.

7 thoughts on “Chin Up! It’s All Good”

  1. Your pictures are just amazing. And love to hear about the antics of your adorable cats. You really give your audience a great feeling when reading your articles.

  2. You just can’t have a good day every day. I am just glad to have all my animals and have a roof over our head. It isn’t much of a roof, but it is a roof.And we have a little food every now and then. Take care. Stay positive.

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