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It’s the August issue of Caturday featuring portraits of each of our fab four  taken this week. It’s been a rare week when all four have felt fab. As our cats age, it’s extra special having mementos at all stages of their lives. No one likes aging. I’m shocked at the new wrinkles that cropped up this summer. Merlin, our eldest seems to be mirroring my aging process and I needed to face the vanity demons in order to make peace with the process. While Merlin isn’t as handsome as he used to be, he’s looking good for almost 18.

Best of all, Merlin has rebounded this week. No peeing out of the box, less night time vocalization and a slight miraculous weight gain. He’s enjoying long naps on the porch listening to the cicadas and savoring the warm breezes of what will likely be his last summer. Even though he’s blind, he knows when the camera is near and isn’t interested in posing anymore. This is a rare is your face Clint Eastwood “Make my day” pose.


This summer Gris Gris, who is an old boy of almost 14, is having his best time ever. It’s taken almost two years since adopting him to blossom into his true happy self. He’s bonded nicely with Domino but his favorite activity remains scent-marking both indoors and outdoors and only on wood.

Gris Gris- scent marking-cat


Odin showing off some agility training moves (above) had the best week of all. Well, at least he thinks so. He’s developed a way of chirruping when he’s caught a vole. It’s like being a ventriloquist, making sounds while keeping his mouth closed clamped on his prey. I can hear his proud announcement from quite a distance in what he thinks is a new game. It’s fine by me since I’m able to save more voles, moles or other creatures with his advance early warning chirp.

Domino is growing as wide and squat as a groundhog. Our vet claims he’s not overweight and I think must be some feline trick I don’t know about. We call him the fur sundial since he follows the sun all day long when not fascinated by bugs. That’s Merlin lurking in the shadows.


Are you following the sun or the Cat Olympics?

22 thoughts on “Caturday Fab Four”

  1. I think for Odin every day is the best day ever! Isn’t that what it’s like when you are young? So perhaps mirror a few of your younger memories with Odin while you ponder life with Merlin. So glad he’s made a turnaround, and I hope it lasts for a while so all four can enjoy the rest of the summer.

  2. Just like us sometimes a cat will simply bite down wrong on something and cause bruising or a small laceration to the gum,cheek or tongue. Dry cat food is hard and like eating corn chips for us it can scratch or even push in between the tooth and gum. Skeeter’s bruise was at the very back behind the last molar and was minor but had the potential if left untreated to become an abcess.

    1. Thanks for the update. This is good to know for those who feed dry food or crunchy treats. Purrs to Skeeter an quick-thinking mom.

  3. I love good news. I’m happy Merlin is doing well and that everybody is having a nice summer. Layla, I think you’re beautiful. I dread my cats getting older. I can’t believe that Ateret is 6 and that she’s lived this long, for that matter. I sometimes tell them that I know one day they’ll leave me and break my heart. When they leave, they’ll go never having doubted that Mama loves them.

  4. This post leaves me with a lovely all-is-well-with-the-world feeling (this could also have something to do with Team GB doing so well this evening in the athletics!!! lol)

  5. It is so great to hear that everyone is doing well for now.Skeeter had to make a vet trip for a bruised and slightly torn gum. He had apparently done the damage while eating dry food or something that he may have “done in”. Thankfully I usually catch problems in the very early stages so they remain minor. Happy Days to All1 Skeeter and Izzy and mom Kathy. >^!!^<

    1. Purrs to Skeeter. I’d like to learn more about the dry food connection. Nipping things in the bud is best!

  6. Is great to hear that they are doing so well! Domino reminds me of our Karupin…
    Odin seems to be having a wonderful time!

  7. Glad to see all is well in your little slice of felinedom! My KonaKitty is going on 15 and aside from creaky hips this summer she is acting like a kitten again…maybe I need to start eating wet cat food!

  8. Hi Layla! Glad it was a good week for all! Don’t worry too much about the human wrinkles – you and I are in the same club there!! I am having SERIOUS “mercury in retrograde, crazy full moon communication problems,” so I am trying to trick my computer into sending you this comment. I have been having problems with other blogs now, not just yours and it is beyond frustrating!!

  9. da boys are looking great, the Momma pinned your “magazine cover” on our Pinterest page so people will come see you! We almost couldn’t get her to refocus from Pinterest long enough to come back and type this. We think Pinterest must have nip in it.

    1. Ingrid, it is a gift and a reprieve. The cognitive issue improvement has really helped with our communication.

  10. Merlin is so handsome. Glad to know he’s doing well. Better.

    Did not realize it’s been two years since you had Gris Gris. I guess that’s two years for Odin, too? Time flies.

    Dom Dom is so cute.

    If Domino isn’t fat, then maybe Ched isn’t either. We swear our boys have lost weight, since I reduced the dry food to just a bit over night. Wet food, baby food, luncheon meat, the rest of the time.

    1. Yes, can you believe it? Two years in October. Some large-boned, muscular boys like your two can look fat and aren’t. Only your vet can make that call.

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