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After the festivities of last week, we’ve had to ramp down the excitement. There’s still time to enter our KatKabin giveaway. Wild birthday boy Odin enjoyed napping in his KatKabin while recuperating from a puncture wound on his hind leg and is on antibiotics. He’s chomping at the bit to resume his wild ways but we had put our foot down. No outdoors adventures without a harness and leash and or strict supervision has resumed. We think he’s learned his lesson about visiting our neighbor’s construction site.


  • Our dear vet Dr. G. visited yesterday to see the whole gang but Gris Gris pulled a Houdini at the last minute. Don’t tell him but Dr. G will be back in two weeks. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing way more of Dr. G. in the coming months.

    gris gris-cat-houdini

    Catch me if you can

  • The best vet news is about Domino. He’s very healthy and not fat! At barely 12 pounds, his squat muscular frame and thick coat just makes him look pudgy. Always have a vet determine your cat’s ideal weight. Domino never stays any further than our garden and is usually found meditating on his favorite tree root or under a bush in the afternoon.
  • domino-cat-meditation- tree-root
  • Life goes on after death. A few days after my mother’s cat died she adopted a neglected seven-year-old calico from a neighbor. I had mixed feelings about her adopting so soon but when you’re old she says,”You don’t have time to lose.” The cat with the unfortunate name of Sourpuss has been renamed Lily Rose and for better or worse has bonded with my mom.
  • Lately I’m having an eerie deja vu photographing Merlin. It feels like the summer before his sister Coco died. Every shot is one step closer to the inevitable. He’s fading in front of my eyes with every twitch and bloodcurdling yowl, pacing in tight circles at night, relaxing only in my arms, blind and now almost deaf. For so many years we were in tune and and now most of the time it’s like fiddling to find a radio station but finding only static.
  • He’s lost almost a pound since Dr. G. saw him in April. Never a good sign with kidney disease with hypertension. The recent course of antibiotics helped with inflammation in his gums but it’s a quick fix and not a solution. We’re choosing to do as little as possible while keeping him comfortable; trying RenAvast for kidney support, essential fatty acids, vitamins and anything he wants to eat around the clock. merlin-cat-siamese-garden
  • There are moments of lucidity and sparked life force outside in the garden and once he loses interest with the scents there, I’ll have my sign that it’s time to go. Gris Gris and Domino watch over him indoors and outside, never venturing far from his side. Last night in the wee hours (who has time to sleep?) while Gris Gris and I watched Merlin circle around and around, a knowing look passed between us. He knows exactly what going on in the cosmic circle of life.

We haven’t been able to comment or visit other blogs as often as usual. Thanks for your understanding.

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