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Caturday-Caught Red-Handed

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

We have no cats from hell. No behavioral issues. Except for the recent box incident. Merlin let me know he was pissed off when I removed his healing stone collar by taking a piss in the boy’s wrestling box. He loves his collar most of the time and is more energetic but I need to gauge when needs a break from it. I was talking to him about the collar and he knew exactly what he was doing and caught him red-handed. I apologized and we’ve had no incidents since. But it was bye-bye box.

a-cat LOL-peeing-box

I saved some of the crinkle paper since the boys love to wrestle on it and added Odin’s “Spaceship”. When it comes to keeping cats happy, pet parents need to be creative with play options. Some cats are not so easily amused.

LOL cat-spaceship -odin LOL cat-spaceship-cat wisdom 101

The other definitive change since Merlin has worn his healing stone collar is his renewed friendship with Odin. They used to be close but as Odin grew more rambunctious, Merlin’s grew more irritated and they stopped napping together until last week! Gris Gris has been more playful. Since Domino came indoors and naps with Merlin, Gris Gris feels displaced. We’re giving him extra attention and he loves engaged play-hunting catch the mouse.

cats-napping-friends-bonding-cat wisdom 101 This week during the cold snap, no one wanted to go outside except for Odin and Domino. Odin hoped to catch a glimpse of his lady love and Domino liked sitting in his old chair on the porch in the sun. But come dinner time, the Big D would run inside without his usual hesitancy. Yesterday, the warmer weather returned and so did Mystery Miss. Odin was in ecstasy. MM warmed up to Odin. Barely. As a mom, I needed to supervise the situation and learn more about her. I put some treats in a container and did the shake test. She ran over clearly familiar with the sound and brushed up against me allowing me to examine her more closely. She communicated with a little trill for the first time. The collar had no ID. She appears well taken care and not the least bit hungry. She came right to the mudroom door and Odin invited her inside.

cat-portrait-cat wisdom 101-layla morgan wilde-photography cat-romance-cat wisdom 101 “Well hello, beautiful, would you like to come inside and warm your paws?

They ran into the basement but I didn’t want to encourage her going into strangers homes and they ran out to play on the old picnic table. Odin whirled around her like a fool in love, his tail flying high. She responded with a few friendly moves but not too amorous. “Aw, shucks, aren’t you sweet?”cats-friends-romance

When she’d had enough, she gave him a playful swat and headed into the bushes. Odin wanted to pursue her but I had work to do ( I know, a romance buzzkill!) and scooped him up to carry him inside. I think MM lives on the next street and anticipate seeing her again. I’ll be watching her belly in case she’s pregnant but hoping it’s just fat. Have you caught your cat red-handed lately?

Are you going to watch My Cat From Hell tonight? All of us will be glued to the TV to see cats who really have problems.



  • Jed

    Wonderful goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too great. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great web site.

  • Pam Kimmell

    MM is beautiful and I thought “bengal” when you first shared her picture a few blogs ago. She’s got gorgeous eyes too. No wonder Odin’s fallen head over paws in love! I know Sam would love a spaceship of his own as he likes little “enclosed” spots like his tents. He needs a new litter box – I may get one of the ones with a top and just let the top be his spaceship instead of using it on the box (which he would HATE). Hmm…I need to go shopping!

    Pam (and Sam)

  • Tinch

    Looking forward to the “hellcats” tonight and hoping this season is more interesting. Last time, the shows all seemed to be repeats of the ones before with nothing much new going on.

    • boomermuse

      Fisher,thanks we’re working on it.
      @Deb, good to know. I must find out where she lives.
      @Tinch, it’s all new so hope you like it better. Let me know.
      @Julia, Odin will beam you up. Show titles are chosen for dramatic or shock value.

  • Abby

    Oh Odin and his spaceship are wonderful! Love the pictures and Miss MM is so beautiful I see why he is so smitten!

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    I would like to know where MM lives as well…. What is it with you and Bengals?!!!

    Our spare bathroom is a bit unique – we have to keep a cardboard cover over the tub to keep a certain Mr. Rolz out of it. He likes to use it for “special poops.” Dan thinks I am nuts, but I know Rolz will use it if I don’t keep it covered. When the kids came for the holiday, I had to remove the cover so they could shower, sure enough, I caught Rolz red-handed doing his business. He looked at me, like, “Excuse me, a little privacy please…”

    Purrs to the gang!!

    • boomermuse

      Deb, you think she’s a Bengal? I think I must be destined to have one in my future 😉
      Carolyn, anything is possible.
      Abby, Odin personally invited you for a spin.
      Brian, true, but at least is biodegradable 😉
      Katnip Lounge, Purrs to your entire red-handed gang.

      • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

        Layla – she absolutely looks like a snow Bengal. Bengals can be marbled, snow, or more traditional like Zoey with the russet colored rosettes! It seems like “Destiny” might be the next name of your cat!!

  • Cheysuli

    We have asked the Male about Cat From Hell and maybe I shall have the Woman go put a note on the television. Perhaps we should try one of those collars with Ichiro…

  • Kathryn

    Adorable. I am so glad MM and Odin are definitely getting along. There were a few neighbor cats where we used to live that were friendly. One cat would walk into people’s homes. After he walked into our home, though, he found Mao and Ched and hissed at them and has never returned. Gosh, he does not know his place. It’s not his home. Another cat, who’d lived upstairs at one time in an apt we used to live in, would sometimes find his way back upstairs and hang out with our boys or they’d all bat billiard balls on the small billard table in the basement. It was cool to see them hang together. Sometimes, Spock would be walking around our apartment with our boys. (common entrance via basement).

    I will try to watch Cats from Hell on my computer in the next few days.

  • Kathy Thompson

    See we told ya Odin….she likes you! Who could resist such an outgoing handsome guy like you!
    We are very glad that Master Merlin is no longer “out of balance” and doesn’t feel the need to express his emotions in such an extreme way. It appears like the shift in the “pride” heirarchy is smoothing out now so hopefully everyone will find their peace again.
    I (Skeeter) display my displeasure with Mom by trying to grab her feet if she isn’t paying me attention at those rare times when I MUST have some affection. My little sister Izzy starts picking at the bottoms of the dining room chairs to get Mom’s attention when she MUST have it. This behavior is rare for us both and usually only happens on the occasional day when Mom is overloaded with things that she says have to get done. We just try to slow her down for her own good!
    Much Love,purrs and kitty kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^oo^< (wide innocent kitty eyes LOL)

  • Ingrid King

    Well, there WAS litter in that box that Merlin peed in at one point ;-)- maybe he remembered…

    The photo of Odin in his spaceship is adorable, and the close up of Mystery Miss is stunning. She sure is a beauty!

    • boomermuse

      I’m determined to find out where MM lives. LOL about Odin and the litter was sealed in a plastic container. In another situation, I’d territorial issues.
      @Milo & Alfie, if you boys were around, she might prefer you to Odin!
      @Kathy, purrs to you Skeeter & Izzy who know how to get you attention. Could be worse!

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