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Caturday Cat Dads Then and Now & Lux The Cat is Rehomed

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vintage-cat-dad-rescue-father's day

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow we’re celebrating the men proud to call themselves cat lovers, cat dads, cat parents or cat daddys. The first image is a tweaked image of an antique photo and the second is a modern photo of our cat dad with Domino and Odin made to look antique.

There are more men than ever taking on the label of cat dad but there have always been men who adore cats. I married two cat men and dated many others. If was a deal breaker if they didn’t like cats, and I believe real men love cats. The kind of man who would deliberately hurt a cat, would be capable of hurting their girlfriend, spouse, child or other animal. Are there exceptions? Can we forgive an isolated case of kicking a cat in a moment of fear? Life is rarely black and white, and one complicated cat named Lux will be widely talked about tonight.

Update: After Lux was rehomed to the couple who fostered him, they surrendered him to a vet. The episode was riddled with media spin and clearly scripted. I stand by my original opinion that Lux’s owners were in it for the money and had no intentions of keeping him. The story smelled of B.S from the start and remains so. If they truly wanted to keep their cat they would have seen a local behaviorist and worked with her vet who offered help for free. They also were willing to provide a foster or permanent home but preferred the deal offered by Animal Planet.

During Jackson’s three visits there was no indication of providing the usual client homework or catification. The only good news is that he is out of a home where he lived a cluttered room with a filthy, too small litter box. I would have liked to see a second medical opinion on his diagnosis before placing him on meds. I see this as yet another case of a cat being exploited by the media for material gain and fame. There was nothing heroic about it. That’s my truth and I’m sticking to it.

Cat dad day-cat daddy-sepia

I don’t approve of the sensationalism surrounding Lux the cat famous for the viral 911 call in Portland, Oregon, but I will tune in tonight to watch My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet at 8 PM ET. They’re devoting an unprecedented hour to Lux and his family. While the star of the show, cat daddy behaviorist Jackson Galaxy claims it’s a complicated case, and it is, remember it’s also reality television. Everyone is being paid handsomely. The show’s production company EyeWorks USA is very good at reality television, so much so, Warner Bros acquired their International TV operations for $273 Mil. in February 2014.

Remember also the owners of Lux the cat turned down free help by the Portland-based cat behaviorist who wrote The Cat Whisperer to appear on TV instead. I wrote The Truth About Lux the Cat back in March. Again, I don’t fault anyone. They’re all just doing their contractually mandated jobs. Almost four months have gone by since the LUX media frenzy and I find it odd that there have been no updates or no interviews until this week’s PR surrounding the show tonight. I guess someone signed a gag order. You can bet this was spin doctored making Lux’s owners Palmer and Baker appear to experience a behavioral epiphany. Do I sound cynical? Maybe. Sometimes I hate being psychic. And yes, I have compassion for everyone involved. This is yet another case of cats being our greatest teachers.

I’m hoping for a miracle, a light in the darkness. After all Lux is the Latin word for light. Wait a minute, of course there will be a happy ending. There always is on My Cat From Hell. That’s the magic formula. It’s how brands are created, enhanced and grown. Given the ratings, you can bet there will be a follow-up show. If this truly was the most challenging case in Galaxy’s career as he’s stated, I’d love to see him reach out for some local hands-on support in Portland. No one person can save the world but I believe we can make a difference one purr at a time.

Meanwhile in a less glamorous world, the New Rochelle Humane Society where I volunteer is as real as it gets. The large, cage-free cat room doesn’t have a direct window to the outdoors. The window (seen below) looks onto the entrance and front desk. I noticed a sliver to a real window was visible if I stacked some boxes in a corner. Sure enough Pearce, a handsome ginger and cream boy wasted no time claiming this new spot. I know he’d love to have a cat dad of his own and a big window. He would do best as a solo cat or perhaps in home with a dog.

See another pic of Pearce and please share his Petfinder profile. If you’re in the Westchester or NYC area, there will be an adoption event TODAY at Larchmont Floral Design for 11 to 2 PM.




  • Charissa

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer something back and aid others such as you helped me.|

  • Micheuala Brown

    Nothing was wrong with Lux.I honestly believe the whole episode was staged, behavior mae up to back the sensationalization of it all.That small ass apt….that dirty ass back room….OF COURSE the cat was unhappy. They needed money and that is what it was all about. I just hope Lux is in a good home. Poor Kitty……….

  • Playful Kitty

    I don’t watch much tv, so I didn’t see the episode with Lux, but I agree with you that there is something fishy about it. The whole situation is sad and awkward. I’m just glad that Lux got rehomed. Sometimes people are just not ready to have animals in their lives.

  • Sue Brandes

    One of the first things out of my mouth look at the small room filled with junk and he didn’t even have hardly any kitty litter and it was filled with poop! I was glad to see he was rehomed. I have mixed feelings about that episode. Happy Father’s Day.

  • Betty

    Re: Lux on MCFH
    I was really scared when, just before a commercial break, the owner said, “I want my cat back.” I kept yelling at my TV, “No! No! No! Get Lux out there into a safe, loving home, NOW!” I do not trust that couple at all. Of course reality shows milk the emotions and so much of the interaction looked staged. (The star-struck vet almost made me gag). I am hoping that the fosters (now guardians) were paying along in order to get Lux into a safe, loving, forever home. Bless his heart, I pray his life moves out of the limelight and into peace.

  • The Island Cats

    Happy Dad’s Day to your Cat Daddy! We ♥ our Cat Daddy! He give the best scrtiches.

    We didn’t watch MCFH but we think the whole story about Lux is sad. We’re glad he’s been rehomed and hopefully will be much happier. That’s what’s important.

  • The Swiss Cats

    Happy Father’s Day to your cat daddy ! We don’t know MCFH, but we think that behind every “sensational” cat story there is a human than doesn’t understand cats…. Purrs

  • Sweet Purrfections

    Great antique photos.

    We watched MCFH and wondered about the original owners, but we felt so sorry for Lux. No matter what the motivation for the original owners agreeing to participate on MCFH; we have to believe that Lux is in a better place in the end. What a terrible illness for a kitty to have.

  • Deztinee High

    Meez is vewy glad dat Lux be in a good home. Meez hated da whole fing fwum da beginnin’ and fawt da same as yous but nopawdy wus lissenin’. altho meez finks mowe people saw fwu it all weally.

    Luv ya’


  • Clooney

    What beautiful antique Father’s Day photo art! It is so heart-warming that you gave Pearce access to a bit of the outside world with your book stack, bless that sweet soul and huge purrs for him to find a loving and safe forever home soon.

  • Angel AbbyGrace

    At the time all the media broke wide open I knew there was a lot more to the story than what was being reported. Everything that is filtered through the msm is exactly that, filtered. I will be watching the episode tonight as well with a jaded eye. I felt funny when I read that MCFH was doing an episode on this situation. I am sure that more information will come out but i don’t think that this has a fairy tale ending.

  • Athena

    My mum and I love My Cat From Hell but most of the time it’s the owner’s fault. Poor kitties!

    We hope Pearce finds a loving forever home very soon!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Happy CatDaddy Day to all the men out there that love their kitties!!! We celebrate you all!!!!
    We still purr and pray that Lux is ok. He is the one that we are concerned about, he cannot speak to tell his story. We just know that there is so rarely a time that a cat just attacks without a trigger. It is so sad that everything gets exploited in this country even tho the show does help bring to light that there are solutions to these problems.Double edged sword.
    Happy CatDaddy Day to All!!!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  • Kathryn

    Happy Father’s Day to you, your boys and your cat daddy.

    My prerequisite for a BF was that he was a cat lover. Emma Peel did not like guys. So when my now-hubs and I had our first date, she sat on his lap. Then, she slept on his street clothes when we went for a run. That was when I KNEW.

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    I am glad you wrote this post since you originally brought it to our attention in detail back in March – the followup makes sense. I was contacted to promote the airing tonight and declined – they have enough press and money to promote this without needing my help and I am not sure what we are supposed to gain from it all. I feel the same as you do and we will probably never know the true account of this complicated story. I just hope Lux will somehow find peace in his life…

    Happy Father’s Day to those who celebrate! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Deb, that PR firm no longer contacts me and you’re right they don’t need our help. When team #cat mojo Jackson wanted us cat bloggers help, we bent over backwards for him. I’m still hoping for a happy ending.

  • Katie Isabella

    That business about Lux…I will never EVER believe those people’s rendition of what supposedly happened. And if the cat DID act in such a way it was because the owners were cruel. That cat needs another home. Just my thought. I won’t mind if you delete it.

  • Zoolatry

    Beautiful “antique” photos. Am not familiar with the story of Lux (now wish I was …) … you are so right about ‘cat dads’ … and here’s a purr for Pearce to find his forever home, what a beauty he is.

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