Cats, Zen and Acceptance


If it’s Monday, it must be Mondays with Merlin, with your friendly, neighborhood feline guru. That would me, Merlin, dispenser of wit, wisdom and a few farts when appropriate. I have a secret to tell you about our subject today: acceptance. My mom, Layla is having a hard time accepting a few things like aging. Hers and mine.  Most days she goes with the flow but some days, let’s call them non-acceptance days, I catch her groaning at the mirror checking for gray hairs and wrinkles. Thank Cod, I have fur and it’s always been gray since I’m a blue point Siamese.

See this photo of me, it’s the most recent one of me taken yesterday as is. She laments over my lost beauty but I think she’s really missing hers instead. You can see I’ve lost weight but you can’t see the crud in the corners of my eyes, or edges of my mouth that Layla lovingly removes with a warm wet cloth. She tries not to but I know when she’s thinking how did he get so old? You can’t see the bony protrusions of my spine or how brittle my claws are. I don’t care about how I look but before you think I’m some feline Dalai Lama, let me tell you I am not.

Cats have long-term memories. They can recognize people they haven’t seen in years. I know I can’t move as quickly as my younger days. I know I can’t hunt any more. I know I’m an old cat with kidney disease. It’s no fun and I do protest at times, but most days I adhere to the Zen principle of acceptance. What is, simply is. Life is moment-by-moment change. Right now, I’m happy to step from a chair to my heated windowsill cushion, sniffing spring with no regrets.

A feline Zen Master once said: From the pine tree, we learn about the pine, from the bamboo, we learn about bamboo and from the cat, we learn about the cat.

How do you feel about aging?

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