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CatCon Cat Ladies: Happy Birthday Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar birthday

If you missed our dishy post about the cat-centric convention CatCon, click and enjoy purrfect CatCon pics

CatCon brings out inner cat lady in all us, but today we pay tribute to Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman from television and the film who turns 84 today.  Ms. Newmar appeared at CatCon as stunning and wise as ever. Like a cat, she’s led a fascinating “nine lives” kind of life including appearing on Broadway at age 19 as her bio states. She’s the ultimate cat lady. Beauty and brains, sass and class with dash of mystery. Leave her a greeting in the comments or visit her on Facebook

Happy Birthday Julie!

Of all the press images received of CatCon Cat Ladies, this is our favorite by celebrity photographer, Rich Hardcastle of Julie Newmar. He captured the alluring and timeless quality all icons exude.

Julie Newmar birthday

Photographer Andrew Marttila @iamthegreatwent captured two branded feline icons in an image destined for posterity. Both cat ladies are known by their brand names “Kitten Lady” Hannah Shaw and “Cat Woman”, Julie Newmar. Kitten Lady Hannah is the rising star who won the CatCon award for Advocate of the year, is closing in on 500K Instagram followers and she’s only 30 years old.

Hannah has what Ms. Newmar says is the most important quality to succeed: desire. Can you imagine what Kitten Lady will achieve by the time she reaches 84?

I love this shot with both mouths slightly pursed and lined up. They could be long lost relatives. Note how differently each lady gazes at the camera. Julie is the seasoned pro who can size up any camera or photographer in a second. She’s done this a million times over 60+ years. There is a professional coolness while Hannah exudes warmth. It could be because she’s excited to meet Julie or simply showing love for the photographer, who happens to be her live-in boyfriend and partner. Either way, expect big things from Kitten Lady who is out to make a big difference for tiny kittens.


Autograph time with a fan at CatCon.  And I want that hat!

catcon catladies


Every generation has icons or superstars who influence the next generation. For cat lovers, the style of Julie Newmar is leaving claw marks for future Kitten Ladies everywhere. I don’t know who this young cat lady is but she has “it”. Hey, CatCon Cat Ladies. If anyone happens to recognize her, please let me know. I’m sure she’d love to see this image.

Reminder: Tomorrow is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

catcon cat ladies
The next Kitten Lady? Photo credit: Rich Hardcastle



13 thoughts on “CatCon Cat Ladies: Happy Birthday Julie Newmar

  1. Happy birthday, Ms. Newmar! You’re still just as beautiful and alluring as you were when you played Catwoman. And how could anyone forget your character? Thank you for many special memories. Wishing you a “purr-fect” birthday and many more to come.

  2. We love Ms. Newmar. She is indeed a feline disguised as a woman. We love the hat! Happy Birthday!!!
    Hannah is such a wonderful advocat! (not a misspelling). We look forward to seeing her rise in the world of cat.
    Luvs to all that advocat!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  3. OHHHH! Happy Birthday, Ms. Newmar!
    Besides being Catwoman, Ms. Newmar was in an episode of Star Trek, the original series, which has always endeared her to me.
    I also follow Hannah, and am blown away by her relentless support of kittens…no matter where she finds them!
    Great post!

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