I Am A Forever Cat

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This is Merlin on a lovely spring edition of Mondays With Merlin. You may think I have a good life and I do, but it wasn’t always this way. Layla adopted me and my sister Angel Coco few days before our first birthday from a person who adopted us as young kittens. People often have good intentions, but this person’s unstable life made commitment difficult. We were shunted about to four temporary homes in less than a year. Every time she hoped circumstances would allow her take us back. She really tried but finally realized it was kinder to find someone who could and asked Layla. Now Layla was no stranger to moving and change but she promised me a forever home. It hasn’t always been easy in the past seventeen years and eight months. There were more moves and bumps in the road including a bumpy airplane ride from Canada to the U.S. but I never had to worry about having a home with my mom. I knew I was a forever cat.

It’s every cat’s dream to have a forever home and not be a “just until” cat. We can educate about the need for commitment but life is unpredictable and we can only do our best. People who never imagined going bankrupt, losing a job or their home have had their lives turned upside down. Tragedy can strike from sudden illness, death, to floods and hurricanes. Despite catastrophic odds, some remain determined to take care of their pets no matter what. Knowing what we can and cannot do is the first step to wisdom. Many years ago a well-intentioned cat lover taught Layla about commitment by having faith her. She couldn’t keep me but she did the next best thing.

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