Cat Saturday Garden Party

We started the party with yesterday’s post. Warm summer breezes scented with all things good and green in the garden.


The only one not invited was foster girl Ling Ling. She’s strictly an indoor kitty but the good news is her quarantine is over and the doors opened. The bad news is she resumed her hissy mood towards the boys and when I noticed a tiny sliver of a claw imbedded in her velvet snout, she told me she’s rather be alone for now.

Anyone who adopts her will have to receive her kissy-purry love-fest seal of approval. The doors are closed again and she’s playing queen bee in her ivory tower demanding to be hand fed baby food. She’s eating other food and has bounced back from a URI but I’m happy to indulge the princess. It’s part of her “love” therapy to ease her stress. I’m gradually working to help her adjust to living peaceably with other cats, but she’s clearly an affectionate one-person cat, as many Siamese are.


siamese-playing-ribbon-games-catLing Ling has simple tastes in toys and likes playing old-fashioned “catch the ribbon snake.” Every cat teaches us what they want and need, if we listen and not try to impart our desires on them.


Odin really wants to be friends but she refuses. Being a good sport, he made light of it…

cat-falling-off-chair-laughing-cute-odinSo, after exhausting games of Kamekaze ambush, butterfly and grasshopper hunting, hide-and go-seek in the bushes, find the groundhog’s hole; today we’re being more civilized for our garden party and Merlin is playing host.













You can play if you want to but it’s hot, and doesn’t a nice open air nap sound good? Merlin is getting old but don’t call him a senior.

You’re welcome to share his favorite swing in the secret garden.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a little bubbly  served on the wrap-around porch by the debonair Gris Gris. He’s come a long way from being a nervous, un-socialized, basement mouser.

debonair-cat-champagne-cute-poster-gris gris
















At the end of the lounging and feasting…

cat-napping-porch-summer-fun-garden-partyNever mind their blase attitude; we’re so glad you could make it to the party.

Lot’s of folks are on vacation in August and we want to remind everyone to make plans for proper cat care if you’re not taking your cat with you. Hire a professional pet sitter or make sure a neighbor or friend looks in on your cat(s) at least twice per day. Having someone feed your cat and change the litter is the bare minimum, but a little extra is worth it for your peace of mind.  Even the most independent cat will feel stressed by the change in routine and empty house. We’re cat sitting a sweet boy this week named Penn. He’s a good-tempered boy but one look said, “Where did my people go?”


It’s important to communicate to your cat why you’re leaving and when you’ll be back.  I like to communicate to cats that they’re still loved and it’s a temporary situation. Their guardians will return. Cats don’t have the same sense of time i.e. 5:25 PM or seven days. I convey the length of time with visual pictures of day and night.

Every day, I communicate to Penn that his family will return in X amount of days and nights. After lots of play, coddling and treats, he’s feeling more engaged and less stressed. Every living being responds to love and Penn is no different. “Okay, I get it. They’ll be back in two days and one night. Can I have some more treats and another belly rub now?”


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