Cat Dance Festival Video Finalists

Catdance Festival

CATDANCE, a cat video festival piggybacked this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Five cat video finalists were selected and you can vote for the winner. Sponsored by FreshStep, the festival is raising funds for the ASPCA. To view the five finalists and vote, visit Cat Dance You can vote once daily until February 28, 2013.

Our favorite of the top five is A Cat’s Guide To Caring For A Human by Will Suto. It’s a funny and charming black and white video with a ’50s retro vibe. Catalog, another finalist is funny until the end when it sends a negative and possibly dangerous message: *Spoiler* a cat is found in a fridge. I know it’s a parody but cats are not accessories to match the couch. Okay, that’s my rant. Go and vote for your favorite Cat Dance video at FreshStep


What I find interesting is some of the 22 finalists videos with the most views were not selected as finalists. If you just can’t get enough cat videos, here’s the playlist for all 22 finalists

It’s blog hop today! 

18 thoughts on “Cat Dance Festival Video Finalists”

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  3. Well sadly Catalogue is a spoof but as we all know you can’t fix “STUPID” so some idiot will get ideas and try crap that most people have enough common sense to know not to do or believe. So sad that so many lack common sense these days. Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

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  5. Well, I watched all the five finalists – and Ched and Mao did, too. Watched the others. Hard to say which one I like best.

    Maybe Catalog. But I do like the Cat Kit and some of others, too. I was impressed by the quality and originality of the videos.

  6. I like the idea of this video and the retro vibe, however, I turned it off before it ended because the actual content was so boring. I have to disagree about “Catalogue.” The part about finding a cat in the fridge is totally absurd, which is the whole theme. I mean, you’d never get a cat with your Pottery Barn purchase! “Catalogue” is my favorite and “Fallen Star” is second. And, BTW, I AM a cat lover!

    1. I enjoyed that video. I watched the other 4 as well and agree with you about Catalog.Sends the wrong message but as it is probably mostly cat lovers who watch it, they hopefully agree with us too.

      1. I think that’s entirely unfounded. The whole movie is absurd. Do you really think that a store is going to start shipping cats with bedroom sets? It doesn’t send any message other than it’s a really funny idea that’s highly unlikely to happen. A Cat’s Guide to Caring for A Human is boring and not very creative, IMO.

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