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Astro-Kitty: The Aquarius Cat

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The 11th sign of the zodiac is Aquarius the water bearer. Their element is air and they’re ruled by the wacky planet Uranus. The Aquarian Cat is born January 20 to February 18 and can be summed up in one word: quirky. No matter what they look like physically, an Aquarius kitty has a certain je ne sais quoi air of uniqueness. It might be a unique mark on their tail, the way they slink around corners or wink at you but you just know this cat has purrsonality to spare.

All cats are curious but Aquarius is curious on speed dial. Uranus rules all things techie, so don’t be surprised if your Aquarian has made your cell phone his latest toy not to mention your computer mouse. They like watching TV, iPads and playing laser tag. They need stimulation and play to stave off boredom or their curiosity can land them in hot water.

What is under the rug? Where is my food? Why can’t I have catnip every day?Who is ceiling cat? Inquiring cats want to know. NOW. They like keeping an eye on things from an airy aerie, the higher the better.

A pair of these vertical stairs would be perfect from The Vertical Cat

vertical cat stairs

Aquarius cats are philosophers, talkers, intellectual thinkers and schemers. If they can’t figure out how to operate a can opener no one can. Blogging is their ideal occupation.

Let the sun shine in is the Aquarius cat’s motto and they’ll happily share a sun puddle with almost anyone. Open minded and accepting, they don’t mind sharing their home with another cat, a dog or even an iguana. In their live and let live attitude, they aren’t fussy about their food or sharing toys but if a mouse comes their way all bets are off. Open and snuggly one minute, their moods can shift like the wind. Then, it’s bye-bye Buddy, and they go all Greta Garbo with a “I vant to be alone.” mood. If you can accept him for all his quirks, you’ll be rewarded with one very cool cat.


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