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April Fool’s Day Cat Adoption Jackpot

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The oldest shelter cat we’re ever featured won a million dollars. April Fool! He didn’t win the lottery but he won the forever home jackpot. We featured the fabulous older Tuxie gentleman B.W. last November. He’s a bit older and mellower and thank his lucky stars has been ADOPTED!


And that’s not all. Remember gorgeous Iggy,the long-furred panther we featured in October? You may have forgotten but it’s been six long months since he was returned from a foster home back to a small shelter cage. He said sayonara to the shelter because he has a new forever home!

IGGY-black cat

Super heroes welcome

For some cats, all good things come to those who wait. Some just have to wait longer. Then there’s Stanley. He’s a young. friendly Tuxie boy found wandering on July the 5th. Lots of pets go missing on July the 4th but Stanley’s folks never turned up. He’s graduated from a cage to the small cage-free room which he shares with fellow tuxie Marco whom we’ve featured three times. He’s been there longer than Stanley and went from friendly to super shy and has all but given up. He needs a super hero to save him.

Stanley began having seizures which are under control with daily medication. He’s so sweet he doesn’t mind. We’re hoping someone won’t mind caring for this bright, loving lap warmer. Won’t you share and help his forever friend find? Find out more at New Rochelle Humane Society

Stanley shelter cat






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