All Cats Are Psychic?

Welcome to Mondays with Merlin. This is me with my pal Domino in the background. We’re deep thinkers. You might call us mancat psychics.

cat-wisdom-psychic-merlin-quoteFor eons people have believed that animals could predict earthquakes. In 373 B.C., historians recorded that days before an earthquake hit and leveled the Greek city of Helice, animals including rats, snakes and weasels ran for the hills. You can be sure cats joined the exodus.

We know things in advance. It’s part of the reason for some feline behavioral issues. We’re sensitive. We pick things up like your worry and stress. We know when big things are looming like a trip, a move or anew baby. We might not know exactly what the change is but we sense it and react, maybe with fear or aggression. Maybe by peeing on the rug. So talk to us. Let us know exactly what’s happening and how you’re feeling. We’re intuitive, but we like things spelled out for us. Change can be is scary.

For instance, I get scared sometimes because I can’t see well anymore and need more reassurance. I was really concerned about Domino and a few days before he was trapped, I knew something was going to happen to him but not exactly what. I was so nervous, I kept Layla up circling and crawling all over her during the night. She held me in her arms and did Reiki on me. Seeing Domino survive his surgery, I finally relaxed and slept like a baby kitten.

4 thoughts on “All Cats Are Psychic?”

  1. My beautiful cat starlight is my protector she sleeps with me every night
    When I am away from home she sends me physic messages & dreams
    I love her with all my heart & soul ?❤️

  2. That is a good picture of you Merlin. How is Dom doing?? I hope he is feeling better now.We are still sending lots of purrs to him that he gets well fast. Take care and have a good week.

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