Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Happy Cat Saturday or Caturday! Sometimes I wish I had nothing new to report but life is too exciting chez Cat Wisdom 101. Spring is in the air. Odin is bouncing off the walls like a crack daddy. His mantra is outside, outside, outside, outside, outside now, now,now!

Beware of adopting a cute, 8-week old kitten early to mid August, because they’ll be a Gemini. Odin is the textbook perfect profile for a Gemini cat: a duality of naughty and nice, crazy smart, agile quicksilver movements, sociable, easily bored, Curious with a capital “C”, this cat makes everything his toy. They’ll turn on the charm when they get into trouble which is daily.

No matter what he does, when he crawls under the covers revving his purr engine, I melt. If you want a placid lap cat, don’t choose a Gemini. If you want a brainy Ferrari of cats, consider a Gemini. Just remember they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. A bored Gemini is a destructive one.

This is a typical ten minute walk with Odin. He leaves no stone unturned.

cat-spring-collage-naughty-nice-cat wisdom 101-outdoorFor Odin…life-is-good-cute-cat-quote-cat wisdom 101

But…, since Merlin and Domino are inseparable, sleeping together in bed at night, Odin feels more needy. He’s never liked sleeping in our bed and prefers the bed in the guest room. One night while burning the midnight oil (yes, the secret to my high productivity is working 70 hours a week), I decided to sleep upstairs. An ecstatic Odin made truckloads of biscuits, purring up a storm. I instantly felt maternal guilt. Poor Odin had been deprived. Every cat mom wants to love their kitties equally. What to do? I felt torn in two again like when I’d fostered Ling Ling last year, taking turns sleeping in two beds on two floors.

I tried sleeping for a week up on the third floor with a happy Odin. What child doesn’t want a mom all to their own? Meanwhile, Merlin who has slept with me long before I married, didn’t seem to mind. Until he did. He made tkhis clear by ignoring me, and turning his attention to Domino or Gris Gris. I don’t need you, his body language read you are a BAD mother. I tried bringing him upstairs to the guest room. Thanks but no thanks. I may be blind but I can smell Odin all over you.

He refused all cuddles. Another week passed. This was serious. He agreed to daily walkies, dragging me all over the garden.

merlin-cat-walkies-outdoors-cat wisdom 101

Whatever you want, you’re the leader, I demurred. Domino kept a eye on him from his favorite spot under the cedar trees. “Yoo hoo, Domino, where are you?”

domino-merlin-bushes-cat wisdom 101

Since Merlin’s vision is limited, he navigates by his whiskers, ears, tail and of course, his nose. Allowing him to exercise his remaining senses makes him happy, especially with the fragrant, green growth of spring.

Frankly, Domino is happy I’ve been sleeping upstairs. More room for him. And for the first time he was spotted in the #1 primo spot by the bedroom window.

domino-gris gris-cat wisdom 101

The biggest shock was seeing him share with Gris Gris. They have never snuggled before. The point is: even one small change in a household can change the dynamic or behavior of your cats. The more cats, the possibility for different developments. This is the first question in my questionnaire for clients. What household changes have taken place recently?

merlin-cat-cat wisdom-101-feline-art

Early the next morning, I sleepwalked to Merlin, crawled under the covers, stroking his downy fur. Was that a faint purr? He adjusted his body to where he wanted my hands to touch. Reiki energy flowed along with loud purrs. All was forgiven. Now, all I have to do to make everyone happy is divide myself in two.

gris-gris-cat-scent-marking-cat wisdom 101

I have a new appreciation for Gris Gris, seen here multi-tasking in a rose bush: scratching, sniffing and scent-marking, Mmm Mmm good. He never sits near a lap or sleeps within an arm’s length. Just play “find the mouse” every evening, give treats and a nightly brushing and he’s happy as a clam.

Do you juggle your affections with multiple cats?

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