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What Cool Cat Dads Want For Father’s Day

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What Cool Cat Dads Want For Father’s Day by Layla Morgan Wilde

After 12 years posting about Father’s Day or Cat Dad Day, this is what I know for sure.

  • You don’t need to be a biological father to be a father of cats.
  • The last few years has shown a huge uptick of men proud to be cat lovers.
  • More first time cat dads are adopting from shelters.
  • Younger cat dads are interested in learning about responsible cat care and nutrition.
  • I’m noticing more diversity in cat ownership from gender identity, race and religion.
  • There is less fear around having babies and cats.
  • Cat dads are cooler than ever!
  • There are as many different kinds of cat dads as there are cats. 5 Kinds Of Cat Dad Styles with Free Fathers Day Cards

If you are thinking of giving your favorite cat dad a gift from my MEOW MAGIC SHOP, please shop today or it might not arrive in time. I’m offering the sale prices all week regardless. Enter code: Meow20 at checkout. Good for Everything!

And I believe it’s never too early to teach kids responsible pet parenting.

The kids version in premium cotton Future World’s Best Cat Daddy or the adult version World’s Best Cat Daddy

Every year I create new designs and graphics but this year I went into different direction. There are a million “Cat Dad” type t-shirts and other merch on the market but most seem too loud or boring. So I came up with designs from the very subtle, minimalist, quirky to classy. I figure there is a purrfect one for you or the cat dad in your life.

I am continuing to donate to animal rescue in Ukraine for the month of June. There is a unisex T-shirt supporting Ukraine

For the cool dad who rocks or if you prefer the Cool Cat Daddy T-shirt hoodie or sweatshirt

If price is a concern, the Cool Cat Daddy is available for much less. And the Cat Daddy sweatshirt is purrfect for those who don’t want a hoodie.


Coffee Mugs are a perennial favorite gift but these days but it could be filled with kombucha tea or God knows what. I’ve added three new cat dad designs to the large selection of mugs for cat lovers.

It’s a testament to cat behavior awareness that we’re seeing cats and babies happily co-existing.

It’s heartening to see more families adopt cats. Many of the designs are available in variations, sizes and colors like Cat Dad Love

We teach kids by example and that includes what it means to be the Best Cat Dad Ever


Although I love and have enjoyed being owned by many different color cats, my Meow Magic Shop mostly promotes black cat designs.

It’s never been more cool to adopt black cats and this one rocks. For someone who likes something subtle, how about Father of Cats?

Cool Men Love Black Cats The eco version from the conscious collection costs more but it’s a heavier weight and more luxurious. A less expensive premium version Most of the designs come in different price points and quality of cotton. including a beautiful quality premium hoodie.

What I love about cat dads these days is how diverse they are but they all share something in common: cats! The magical Moon Cat

is completely different than the minimalist CAT DAD

For catmen who love cycling, why not belong to the Cat Dad Bicycle Club


Another fantasy club I made up is the Cat Dad Club and of course every cat dad wants to be a V.I.P. Member right?

My favorite Cat Daddy

Father’s Day can be emotionally triggering for many. My father’s birthday is June 15 which falls close to Father’s Day. It’s a double reminder of his absence. He’s been dead for many years but in some ways closer than ever. He adored cats but was a later in life cat lover. He reminds me that it’s never too late to love cats!

M favorite cat daddy and #1 Cat Dad is my hubby, Joe. He didn’t grow up with cats but a pregnant cat found him he was a student at NYU. He has a way with cats and they naturally love him. He’s known as the food man, litter box and water fountain engineer and vet clinic driver. Seriously, in my mind the #1 Cat Dad is one who not only loves cats but takes responsibility for their well being. Real men not only love cats but aren’t afraid to clean the litter.

Here’s Joe with his two favorites: a cigar and hanging out with Odin outdoors. And yes, you’re never too old to wear a hoodie (that one has cat ears).

Happy Father’s Day or Cat Dad Day!

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and the forever loved Angels

father's day cat Dad with vintage typewriter


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