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Walking in Nature

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Good day and welcome to Mondays with Merlin. I’m Merlin your host and senior member of Cat Wisdom 101. As many of you know, I like going for walks every day with my mom Layla and the others. We all agree walking in nature is good for the body and the mind. We get our best ideas and think about all kinds of things. Just the other day, I was walking in the woods and got to thinking about big things…deep things, like…

Merlin the cat ruminates on a walk

A little humor on a Monday never hurts. Did you know I love metaphors? Have ’em for breakfast every day. Anyway, I traipsed over to the next door neighbors. We don’t have a fence and they give me carte blanche to walk on their luxurious emerald carpet. I admit being a little jealous that it’s nicer than ours, but I thought about it and came to the conclusion…

cat wisdom 101-merlin-siamese-grass-greener-quote


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