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Cat Lovers Then & Now: Vintage Cat Art & Products

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

We’re humbled by the heartfelt emails & comments for Merlin’s birthday yesterday. Cat lovers have the biggest hearts. Thank-you! We are just a few “likes” short of our Facebook goal. Purrs of thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

vintage-cat lady-art-photograph

I fell in love with this vintage sepia print which I played with to bring this cat lady and her ginger moggie to life.

There have always been cat lovers and products for cats but we’ve come a long way! There are modern improvements and a wealth a new knowledge. I’m a long time collector of antiques and ephemera and these are a few items I came across recently. This charming book has appeal for any contemporary cat lover. Pawtraits, anyone?

antique-cat-book-amazing painting cat

I shudder to think what ingredient was in this product and did it work?

antique-cat-med-sudbury laboratory

This cat carrier looks sturdy but the ventilation is not great. I do like how it snaps open from the top for easy access and the roll up blind is cute. I could see a designer tweak this one for a contemporary market.



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