Unsaid: Book Review and Video

We usually review books about cats on Sundays but just had to share this.

All aspects of animal communication is close to my heart and a new novel deals with the subject in an eye-opening way. Unsaid is a debut novel by attorney and animal advocate Neil Abramson who happens to be married to a vet and lives just north of me.

Unsaid-abramson- review

The novel is narrated by the character Helena Colden, a veterinarian who has just died of breast cancer. Her soul, unable to move on from the guilt of having euthanized so many animals, observes the unraveling of her attorney husband David and the reaction of their menagerie of rescued animals. Atonement and the ability to move on for everyone results when David takes on a legal case to save Cindi, a chimpanzee connected to Helena’s past. Cindi had been the subject of a language study, is at risk of being returned to a pool of animals available for experimentation. Abramson creates a riveting and compelling case for the ethical treatment of all animals in this beautifully written soul-touching book for animal lovers.  A lovely video trailer about the book on his website is worth watching.  http://www.neilabramsonauthor.com/

368 pages. Published: August 2011. Center Street. Hachette Group.

Rating – 4 Paws

8 thoughts on “Unsaid: Book Review and Video”

  1. I just finished this book. I enjoyed it but expected to be touched on a deeper level by it than I was. Something was missing for me, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it was.

    1. For me, it wasn’t the tear jerker many readers suggested. I think reading about animals (fiction or nonfiction) is subject to our own emotions at the time. I wouldn’t recommend reading it, let’s say, if you just put a beloved pet to sleep.

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