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The Truth About Amazing Narnia The Two-Faced Cat

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The Truth About Amazing Narnia The Two-Faced Cat and Internet Sensation by Layla Morgan Wilde


When a cat goes viral, the media often posts before fact-checking. That’s why you’ll see many pop culture news outlets doing copycat reporting. It takes time to research, write and edit a good story but it starts with getting the facts. We believe our readers deserve to know the truth and we love going the extra-mile to find it.

Why certain cats go viral, gradually become famous or not remains a mystery. I’ve worked with dozens of celebrity cats big and small over the years and it’s not just about insta-fame but staying power. The public is fickle and there are millions of cats online. Every so often a simply stunning cat emerges into the spotlight. Today Narnia is the cat’s meow or as they say in French, le miaulement du chat.

Narnia with proud cat mom and breeder Stephanie Jimenez

Narnia is a fast-rising star and whenever there are photos of unusual cats online they get stolen or not given proper credit or attribution. This is timely reminder for those of you who post photos online to please watermark all your images. All images used with permission and are from the Facebook or Instagram accounts @amazingnarnia.

Whether you call Narnia two-faced, two-toned or a miracle, he is a rare jewel. Most famous celebrity cats are American so it’ll be fascinating to see how this gorgeous French chat noir grows his kingdom. UPDATE: End of Dec. 2018 Narnia hit 100K.Narnia_kittens

16 Sweet Facts About Narnia The Celebricat.


  1. Narnia is a male British short hair (75%). His full name is Narnia De La Grace.
  2. Born in 2017, he will celebrate his 1st birthday March 28, 2018. His astrological sign is Aries.
Little nugget Narnia as a kitten. Narnia was born with a rare genetic mutation which has seen described as a chimera. This is not yet proven as a fact. The only way to prove it is with a DNA test.

3. Chimera cat mutation is caused when two fertilized cells or two embryos with their individual DNA fuse together. It is most commonly seen in calico cats. The most famous chimera cats are Venus an American beauty with 1.4 million Instagram followers and Quimera from Argentina.

4. Narnia’s face is evenly divided with black on the left side and blue/gray on the right side. His eyes are blue, his body black except for a couple white spots on the chin, ruff and hind paw.

5. Narnia is French and lives in a suburb of Paris.

6. His cat mom is a cat breeder Stéphanie Jimenez of Catterie De La Grace @amazingnarnia on Instagram.


7. As of January 2018 Narnia is a professional show cat. His first show was The Paris Animal Show on Jan.12, 13. He’s a naturally sweet-tempered charmer comfortable in front of judges and cameras.

8. Many of the images circulating online of Narnia (with and without attribution) are by Paris-based photographer Jean-Michel Labin who specializes in animal photography.

Photo credit: Jean-Michel Labin

9. Narnia’s lineage. He mother is a British Blue short hair named Jeen from the catterie Virvarvon. His father is Muscari D’Aerlin, part red mackerel tabby with turquoise eyes.

10. The cattery De La Grace was certified by LOOP in 2015.

11. Narnia is part of the British Celestia project with four other breeders to produce British shorthair cats with blue eyes. The project launched in August 2016 with permission from LOOF. the only recognized feline studbook for purebred cats born in France.

12. Spanish for “blue eyes”, the Ojos Azules is a rare breed with large blue eyes discovered in New Mexico in 1984. Their coat may be long or short and demonstrate solid colors or patterns.

13. For more details about the rarity and genetics involved with blue-eyed breeds, read Sara Hartwell.

14. The Celestia (Céleste) project was launched by Sophie Guittonneau of Catterie Aerlin. She teamed up with four other breeders and close collaborators. They include: Stéphanie Jimenez Chatterie De La Grace Dr. Vanessa Marmolejo, a veterinarian from the cattery of Lazycat Company Ghislaine Michel-Paulsen, from the cattery of Virvarnon (where you can see the program’s geneology Celeste geneology) and Sylvie Huber, from the cattery Gummis en Sucres

15. All the catteries mentioned are small with no cages. The cats enjoy a natural life as part of the family including outdoor life when possible. Once retired they remain with the family.

16. There are wedding plans for Narnia in the spring but who the lucky lady will be is in the air.

Follow Narnia for his latest adventures on his new Facebook page or Instagram @amazingnarnia.

I wish this video was made horizontally but it is the most recent. See Narnia play fighting at home with his fur brother. Note the distinct markings and cute white “sock”.


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