The Mighty Prize Hunter

We have two purr-ific winners today. We’re delighted announce the winner of the one-of-a-kind cat necklace designed by Wendy Christensen is Simba, a ginger floofy cat. I’m assuming he will share the prize with his mom. Simba and his sister Audrey who blog at

Pretty jewelry may make a human happy, but a prize of a furry kind makes some kitties very happy. Yesterday, while walking Odin, we noticed a rustling in the bushes. Out shot Gris Gris with something in his mouth. He ran to the front of the house with Odin and me in hot pursuit. Gris Gris proudly deposited his prize, a fat mole for my approval. With a clean wound on the neck, the mole looked dead to me, but Gris Gris gave a final sniff. Done. There you go mom, it’s all yours. I gave him lavish praise and his sometimes lagging self-esteem, soared. Score one for the mighty prize hunter!

Odin had to make do with hunting the bloodless variety.

look ma no hands-cat-odin-catnip
look ma no hands-cat-odin-catnip

9 thoughts on “The Mighty Prize Hunter”

  1. A mole – what a GREAT present! Unless one happens to wander into the house, I’m afraid MY human will have to go without.

  2. Congratulations to Simba!! We are loyal followers of Simba’s blog and just love it!! We also love Simba’s Mom and we are thrilled that she won! “Concatulations!!”

    So, let me ask you, how did you cook your mole? 🙂

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