Caturday Funny Furry Valentine

The loud sound you may hear is the collective purr of loved cats this Caturday as we present a love letter to you and a Funny, Furry Valentine.

Our good friend Chase Holiday, the creative cat lady behind FurBall Fables made a special video for V Day.

It’s not the usual comic antics of her kitty crew but includes real cat lovers with their cats. It’s touching because we can all relate to that bond. It doesn’t matter if you’re  single or married. It’s not about being a crazy cat lady.  My husband is more of a crazy cat lady than I’ll ever be. Cat love when bestowed on a human is earned and not necessarily forever. Mistreat a cat and you won’t see faithful puppy dog wags. Cats are extremely discerning and when they love you, you’ll know. If you know that kind of love, lucky you! May you enjoy your funny, furry Valentine this weekend.

A recent poll shows 28% of people are planning to buy a Valentine gift for their dogs, and only 17% for their cats. Whaaaat? And dog owners will spend $25 on dogs compared to $21 for cats.

Estimated  spending is expected to reach $753.87 million dollars ($489.48 million on dogs and $264.39 million on cats). That a whole lotta pet love. Cat toys and treats are nice but I love the idea of giving yourself a gift too. There is nothing more lasting and meaningful than a pet portrait AND YOU COULD WIN ONE. Today is the last day to enter our giveaway. You can also enter by leaving a comment at our giveaway post.



Tell us in the comments who your special Valentine is. If you don’t have one, we hope a kitty cupid strikes. Sometimes kitty love is as brief as snuggles while volunteering at shelter.



funny furry valentine

We feel lucky having amazing readers, friends and being apart of a global cat community. Be sure to stop by on Monday, on Valentine’s Day eve for more LOVE and a funny furry Valentine.

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and forever Merlin.