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Your Cat Deserves To Be This Happy

Layla Morgan Wilde/ September 24, 2018/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays/ 14 comments

September is Happy Cat Month, an awareness holiday from the Catalyst Council. They are a wonderful resource about cats. When I think of what makes a cat happy, I know it’s not about social media media cuteness like our graphic. Despite millions of adorable cat videos, we don’t always know what really makes cats happy. Cats are anthropomorphized, dressed in

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Three Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

Layla Morgan Wilde/ September 15, 2014/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Holistic cat care, Man Cat Mondays, Mondays With Merlin, Secrets of Cats/ 25 comments

It’s Mancat Monday and we three boys would like to share a few tips on happiness. Namely, how you humans can make us happy or happier. Of course we know you try your best but there is always room for improvement. We believe a happy cat makes a happier human. The better you treat us, the better it is for

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