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Does Your Cat Get No Respect? National Respect Your Cat Day is 700 years old

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 29, 2017/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Funnies, Holidays/ 18 comments

Does Your Cat Get No Respect? National Respect Your Cat Day was yesterday. Okay we’re a day late but it should be every day or at least a few extra PR days to get the message across. The origin dates back to March 28, 1384 when King Richard LLL issued an edict forbidding cats from be eaten. We’ve come a

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Are You Playing With Your Cat All Wrong?

Layla Morgan Wilde/ December 18, 2015/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats/ 20 comments

Playing with your cat is one of the joys of living with felines. It’s a way to deepen the animal/human bond but important for their physical and emotional wellness as enrichment and exercise. More so for indoor-only cats.  All cats (even those who go outdoors) benefit from twice daily interactive play sessions for at least a few minutes. Younger, athletic

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Professional Pet Sitters Week & Why Your Cat Wants A Pro

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 5, 2014/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Holistic cat care, Reviews & interviews/ 26 comments

It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week  Who cat sits for you when you travel or can’t provide care for your beloved pets? Friends and neighbors can work well, until they don’t. Years ago, when I left on a short spa vacation, I felt comfortable leaving a new friend to care for my cat Merlin. She seemed to adore him. What could

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