street cats of armenia by Kim Barsegyan
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Street Cats of Armenia: Photography by Kim Barsegyan

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Earlier this week, I blogged about the origins of the Van Cat to Armenia. The pedigreed Vans are highly sought after, but the street cats of Armenia are just as stunning.

I’m sure they’d agree, like this beauty doing what cats do best. They are connoisseurs of comfort, snatching pleasure anyway they can. If there is a sliver of sunlight you know a cat will find it and luxuriate in it.

It’s not so easy to find these moments, let alone photograph them but Kim Barsegyan has.


Armenian cat sunning by Kim Barsegyan


Meet logo/brand identity designer/photographer and self-described purrist, Kim Barsegyan from Yerevan, Armenia. I’ve curated my favorite black and white street cat images from his gallery on Behance Scroll down for a Q.& A.


Kim Barsegyan-cat photography Armenia


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 33 y/o, a huge fan of long hikes and photo walks (preferably in locations where there are either cats, mountains, or any other force of nature). Logo & brand identity designer by profession. Photography is one of my main hobbies along with playing guitar and doing calisthenics, but I’ve been doing it long enough and my passion for it is too serious to just call it a “hobby”. Going on photo walks also puts me in a state of flow and mindfulness that no other form of meditation does.
I’ve been a dog person for half of my life, but it quickly changed when I started to observe the behavior of cats through my lens. You could say they melted my heart, and still do to this day.
The situation with street cats in Armenia is mostly unregulated, some of them get adopted but most stay true to the street life. I actually don’t think that domestic cats are happier by default, especially when castrated/sterilized and cut away from the outside world. It’s a double-edged sword in my opinion ā€“ sacrificing freedom and life force for comfort. I think most humans nowadays struggle with that problem too.
Editor’s note: There is limited spay/neuter available but inroads are being made for more humane cat and dog rescue with organizations like Animal Kind
feral kittens armenia-Kim Barsegyan
There are street cats all over the world and what I find remarkable is how different and yet similar they are. I’m familiar with cats of many countries but Armenia, not so much. If that’s true for you, enjoy this intimate view of the street cats of Armenia.
What all cats share in common is their mysterious, unknowable quality. The slink of their walk or swish of their tail. Cats that don’t live with humans often avert their eyes not in modesty but disinterest. It makes it all the most alluring when they catch our gaze and hold it.
If we’re lucky, the camera captures a magical moment like this.
street cats of Armenia- Kim Barsegyan
Or this.
street cats of Armenia by Kim Barsegyan
Black cats roam the streets of Armenia as they do everywhere. They exude mystery and magic wherever they go.
black cats in Armenia-Kim Barsegyan
This evocative image could be the cover of an Edgar Allen Poe or Gothic novel. You can imagine a witch sauntering down the stairs with broom in hand. Gritty, haunting and moody, black cat lovers everywhere know that look.
black cat in Armenia by Kim Barsegyan

Q. & A. with Kim Barsegyan

  1. Why are cats interesting for you to photograph?
    Aside from just loving the bastards, it’s also really challenging to photograph cats. They’re unpredictable and quick, which after a while makes photographing anything else seem like a breeze.
  2. When and why did you go from a dog person to a cat man?
    There was a time some 10 years ago when I was just starting to look for interesting subjects to photograph. I was always drawn to nature, but in the city setting there wasn’t much that caught my interest. Observing street cats changed that. I still believe they’re the most interesting “subject” you could ever find in a city. Apart from that, adopting a cat from the streets made me reinforce my new found love for those creatures.
  3. You live in Armenia. Can you share a little about how Armenians feel about cats both as pets or street cats?
    Armenians love having pets around, but most would rather buy a certain breed than adopt a cat from the street. I don’t really mind that, since the more I spend time on this earth, the more I start realizing that domestication is another form of imprisonment.
  4. How do your various creative pursuits influence each other?
    I think the main benefit of having several creative pursuits going (such as photography, guitar and graphic design in my case), is that it simply makes sure you don’t get too bored with any of them.
  5. Cats are difficult to photograph. Do you have any tips?
    First of all, use the so-called foot-in-the-door technique. Cats are naturally very curious, but many are equally cautious. Do everything you can to not scare them away upon your first encounter. Fast jerky movements, loud walking, getting too close too soon, making long eye contact will likely ruin it. If you’re patient and lucky, some of the cats will eventually get closer and closer to you on their own. Apart from understanding the feline psychology, it’s also really important to know your camera gear inside and out, so the precious moments aren’t wasted on trying to set the right exposure or fiddle with settings, etc.
  6. Anything else you’d like to share?
    Street cats can teach you valuable lessons. Brave, resourceful, living in the present; calm, yet always aware of their surroundings; you’ll be smart to let them teach you their way.

The hardest things of all is that some of those little bastards just rip your heart apart with the cosmic depth in their eyes.

Yes, to cats as wise teachers.

Cats are survivors or at least they try to be. They find nooks and crannies or shelter from the storms of life. All cats are sun lovers, soaking up rays, perhaps with memories of Ancient Egypt when they were worshipped as gods. This shot evokes that vibe and the shadow cat head is purrfection.
armenian cats = yervan-kim barsegyan
Cuddle puddle, anyone? Sumptuous shades of furry texture in every shade of gray.
armenian cats -kim barsegyan
Eternally curious. I think the reason creatives love cats is because creative people are curious by nature. Staying curious about the world both inner and outer jumpstarts any creative process.
Street cats of Armenia-Kim Barsegyan
Look at these naturally mutated Munchkins that might fetch $1000 at a U.S. breeder.
Munchkins-street cats of Armenia-Kim Barsegyan
The universal language AKA “Talk to the Paw”. Kim has his own captions on captions on Behance, but I think this dude is saying,”Talk to the !#^* paw.” Perhaps an even saltier version if you dare. Armenian street cats seem to be equal parts sweet and salty.
talk to the paw-cats of Armenia-Kim Barsegyan
talk to the paw-street cats of Armenia-Kim Barsegyan

To see the rest of the collection of street cats, other photography and Kim’s portfolio of design work, check out his website

and/or visit his Instagram for more design stuff, cats like this mini-panther and he plays a mean guitar.


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