National Pet Memorial Day
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Sharing is Caring on National Pet Memorial Day

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

The second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day. It’s a day to honor and remember our beloved pets. For those of us who have lost a pet in the past year, the memory may be raw or tender. How you decide to remember is a personal choice but here are a few suggestions.

1) Share our pet memorial photo graphic and or memorial ceremony video (scroll to end) 2) Pause to simply remember the joy of what made your pet special. Notice how far you’ve come in your grieving journey and how time has softened the jagged edges of grief. 3) Scroll through old albums, pet photo files or video. Share photos and memories on social media. If you are on Facebook, please post photos of your angels kitties on our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page We’d love to see them. 4) Donate to your favorite animal cause in your pet’s name. 5) Volunteer or donate needed items for your local shelter or rescue group.

6) Tell your pet’s story. If you have lost a pet in the past year, you are welcome to participate in our ongoing pet loss research by filling out a confidential questionnaire. Email us at [email protected] for more info.

More than ever, pets are family. How we celebrate and mourn their lives matters individually and as a community. Sharing is caring.

National Pet Memorial Day

gris gris-napping-vote-pettie-award-cat-blog

We lost our Gris Gris eight months ago and we’ll remember him by spending time at his grave site. There is a comfy bench to sit on but with summer coming to an end, it’s a great time weed, trim and prepare the memorial garden for a new season. The cycles of nature remind of that life goes on. Like many gardeners, I find comfort digging in the dirt and planting new flowers. Nature, like cats remind me to live in the moment. It’s where we feel the most alive.

Odin-cat-grave-memorial day In a wilder part of our property, Merlin’s sister Coco was buried on this day four years ago. She is missed but the heartache has softened to a sweet memory.

cat-grieving-grave-merlin Coco-Rainbow bridge-pet- memorial-Day-cat

If your pet is laid to rest in a cemetery, today is an ideal day to visit if you don’t mind seeing more visitors. I live near the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, the oldest and largest pet cemetery in the U.S. where they will conduct their annual blessing of the animals at 1PM today. It’s a jam-packed event and seeing the crowds visit their pets, many accompanied with their live pets is heart-warming.


This video is a memorial service led by pet loss professionals that anyone who has lost a pet may view and participate in. A pet parent may view this video at any time throughout the year, when a pet passes away or whenever they’d like to remember a beloved pet. We hope you find some peace and solace by viewing the video.

Tell us how you will remember your dear departed pets today.




  • Elaine

    ” It came to me
    that every time
    I lose a cat,
    they take a piece
    of my heart with them,
    and every new cat
    who comes into my life
    gifts me with a piece
    of their heart.
    If I live long enough
    all the components of
    my heart will be cat,
    and I will become as
    generous and loving
    as they are.”


    In memory of my beloved Chino

    …and Goody, Kato, Tu, Rhea, Rhoshigar, Blackster, Glory, Black n whiter,
    Rodeo, and Killow. All forever in my heart.

    they take a piece

  • meowmeowmans

    Graphite, Bitsy, Sammy, Lady Madonna, and Maggie … we miss them all so much. Thank you for this very meaningful and heartfelt post, Layla. Sending you purrs and prayers as you remember those who came before.

  • maggie

    The cats who are no longer with us had lessons to teach. We are better cat parents for knowing and loving them.
    Thinking of Harold who died way too young, and Maude who lived to be 24. How prophetic that we named them after the movie characters… Our Gracie was so like Maude in temperament but only saw 10 Summers. It’s a good day to remember them.

  • Flynn

    I didn’t know it was Pet Memorial Day until a few hours ago, but there is not a day goes by when I don’t think of Eric. I think of all the others who have gone before but not the way it is with Eric.
    I know it is not possible for our pets to know when it is a special day, but Flynn has slept by Eric’s grave all day. He sleeps there a lot on and off when the weather is good, but today he hasn’t left there. I can’t explain it. He can’t have sensed it from me as I didn’t know until recently. Maybe he is not feeling so good today and gets comfort being close to his brother. I really cannot explain it.

  • Angel AbbyGrace

    Even as we have all lost a beloved family member we learn to continue to live with that loss, incorporate into our lives and grow from it. I miss her … I miss my Abby so deeply. That part never goes away.

  • The Island Cats

    I never forget “the ones that came before.” They have left their footprints on my heart and though they are gone…they are not forgotten…and will always be loved.

    Hugs to you, Layla, as you remember yours that came before. ♥

    Island Cat Mom

  • Sammy

    I will think of all those who came before Sammy today…….and it’s a reminder too that every minute we still can share with our pets who are still HERE, is precious. I treasure every single one…..and I know you do too Layla.

    Hugs, Pam

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