Secrets, Shelters and Cat Book Prizes

Last week I reviewed the memoir, Another Insane Devotion: On the Love of Cats and Persons by Peter Trachtenberg but I left out a secret.

another insane devotion-cat-memoir-peter trachtenberg-prize-giveaway

In the book’s prefatory note, the author invites the reader on a literary scavenger hunt. Trachtenberg claims there is an artifact, an incident or detail solely from his imagination. He offers a prize to the first reader to identify the untruth.

I was delighted to learn the author has agreed to donate the prize money to AnimalKind, a small shelter in Hudson, New York. All shelters have their challenges but AnimalKind endured the worst nightmare in May, 2012 when a fire ripped though the shelter. 152 cats and kittens were saved and placed in temporary quarters. Work continues to restore the shelter at it’s Warren Street location. More than ever donations are needed, foster and forever homes. For more info about the shelter, visit AnimalKind 

All the cats are rescues. They have endured abuse and abandonment. They all have a story and hope for a happy ending. Every feline is tested for FelV., vaccinated for rabies and distemper, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped. A one month free shelter care gift health insurance is provided and there is NO adoption fee.

This sad face belongs to Dory, who was rescued after Hurricane Sandy. She is a really sweet girl who is quick to purr. She is about 5 years old, part Maine Coon. She dreams of her permanent home.

Animalkind cat adopt Dory

So, all you super sleuths, if you think you’ve uncovered the artifact, contact Peter Trachtenberg at his website

I’ve also decided to extend our giveaway for a copy of Another Insane Devotion until next Sunday. To enter: leave a comment at the original review/author Q & A  post or leave a comment at today’s post. All entries will be tallied, the winner randomly selected and announced next Sunday. Good luck!

I am an Animal Rescuer
My work is never done
My home is never quiet
My wallet is always empty
But my heart is always full!

In the game of life, I have already won!

Author Unknown

21 thoughts on “Secrets, Shelters and Cat Book Prizes”

  1. Hi there! My pup Lucy Goose and I love kitties! We fostered an orphaned kitten in Korea – aren’t they so cute together?!. We hope someday to adopt a cat of our own. We often advise others who have cats and we are HUGE fans of Pam Bennett Johnson! We work tirelessly to advocate for animal adoption and network with rescuers in Korea and worldwide to help save animals. We would love this book and we’d even like to make it an event if we win… we’d pass the book on after a read, review it, and pass it on around the world to our fellow rescuers for their reviews too! How cool would that be? ^^ The book looks great and we hope to win a copy so we can share the wealth 🙂 Maybe together we can solve the mystery and better spread the word about this author, the shelter he supports, and the kitties there in need. All the best,
    Kate and Goose

  2. Thank you so much for the exposure! We, at Animalkind. are still in a temp. location. We hope to start rebuilding by feb.!! We need to raise more $$ and are now in 2 rooms w/ 120 cats- we do not turn anyone away that is in a stressed situation. It’s cold and we are full and appreciate any help. If you look to have a furry companion adopt now from Animalkind!
    Many purrs to all of you!

  3. So cool….a mystery,a game,a great book,a great gift to a shelter and those that live there! We absolutely adore this man!
    We luv the quote,it speaks the truth in every line.
    Luv Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. What a wonderful book….and wonderful mission the author has to help the shelter in NYC. The quote is lovely yet sad – it’s true that animal rescue is a never-ending job!

    Happy Sunday!
    Pam and Sam

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