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Safe Paw: Non-Toxic Ice Melter Giveaway

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

For many of us in the U.S., winter is looming and that means ice and snow. To avoid slip and fall mishaps, most people use rock salt to melt ice but it’s the worst thing for delicate dog and cat paws. Rock salt and other de-icers are toxic if tasted by curious pets. A safe solution is the non-toxic Safe Paws. Safe Paw™ Ice Melter is 100% salt-free and is guaranteed pet and child safe (MSDS)! Safe Paw has been used and recommended with confidence for years by veterinarians, animal hospitals, groomers, shelters, and humane societies making it the #1 selling brand! Safe Paw was recently awarded the PTPA Green Product Seal


Safe Paw- Ice Melter-review-giveaway

  • Guaranteed safe for pets and children
  • Environmentally safe
  • Won’t harm decking of any kind
  • Safe on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
  • Safe on plants and shrubs
  • Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent
    slips and falls)
  • Won’t stain or destroy flooring

I like that I can see where I’ve sprinkled it on the ice and snow for precise placement. To learn how this patented “green” product works, click on the product info page

With holiday parties stretching from Thanksgiving into the new year, I’d like to suggest a different hostess gift from the usual scented candles, cocktail napkins or wine. Be a good friend and neighbor and bring a jug of Safe Paw. Even if they don’t have pets, the neighborhood pets walking on their sidewalk/driveway will be thankful.

Like to win a container of Safe Paw? Simply leave a comment before 11:59 pm ET. Nov.29, 2013.


  • Shannon Cole

    This is the ONLY ice melter I’ll use! I carry it in both my vehicles to use at clients homes if necessary. I have the big 35# bucket at my house. My neighbor who has a Beagle really appreciates that I share it with her. 🙂 its just peace of mind that you can melt away the ice & snow & its safe for your pets too!

  • jessica

    Only one store in my small town sales this product which I live by!! I have to stock up to avoid them running out on me! I have alot of elderly neighbors with dogs they can’t get out to the store that sells this product so every winter for years now when I salt my stairs and walk I also do theirs! I have 6 households around my block whose dogs depend on this product to keep there paws safe and elderly woman who love that it keeps there pets and floors safe! I’m a huge advocate for this product I couldn’t survive a winter without it and neither could all the dogs it keeps safe!!! Thank u for such a wonderful product

  • Deborah Currier-Hornyak

    Would love to win, but quite frankly, we purchase this every year as it is THE BEST STUFF IN THE WORLD. We are never without it in the winter months. With five cats and two klutzy people living in one house, going outside on icy surfaces is not a good thing! We put this magical stuff down and all is well with the world again! Thank you, Safe Paw, for making such a wonderful product! We love you!

  • Donna H

    Thanks for this info i didnt even know there was safe salt for animal’s ,i did read about the salt being poisonous last winter and since then i make everyone take thier shoes off before coming in my house ! I just love my 3 Fur Balls too much! so yes i would love love to win a jug !( LOVE LAYLA) 🙂 XOXOXO
    GIN GIN @ MOLLY MO @ ZIGGERS sends their love too.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Woowzer! Sounds like a very “cool” product!!!! We luv Safe Paws!!!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Peanut and Twig and Romeo >^..^<

  • Sue Brandes

    Would love to win. We have lots of ice and snow in WI. And some neighbor kitties go outside plus it sounds like it’s safe if it comes in on your shoes for our kitties too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Caren Gittleman

    thanks for the heads up on our blog, but we were given a free container last year and ended up giving it to another blogger to blog about. We live in an apt/condo complex and really never used it. Thanks anyway!

  • Heather

    Would love to win some of this! I would also like to know where I could buy it in my area or if one must purchase it on the internet. I’ll be going to the website to find out. Thanks!!

  • Deb N Cats

    You’re reading my mind. I was just thinking that I needed to look into some kind of deicer that was safe for the girls but did the job. It was going to be my research this weekend. Thank Layla, you’ve save me hours of work.

  • Constance Marie

    This would be wonderful to use! When I think of the worry Igo through making sure we don’t bring in the salt from our shoes and getting it all picked up!! What a relief to have this. Pleaseput my name in. Thank you!

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