Oh My Cod! Another Adventure

Welcome to Cat Saturday, this is Gris Gris and I’ll be your host today. I’m shy and prefer being behind the scenes. For ten years, I earned my keep as a mouser and lived in the shadows of a basement. Things improved when I was rescued and lived in a room of a shelter for over one year. Things really improved when I came to live with Layla in a kitty Shangri-La eight months ago.

To show my appreciation, I keep on eye on things. When we all go out for walks, I act as a seeing-eye dog er, I mean cat. Merlin can’t see well and keep him out of harm’s way. I also help round up Odin when he escapes from his harness or climbs up trees, but he’s out of control crazy.

cat-herding-humor-merlin-gris grisAll cats needs exercise and creative play with their humans every day, but some cats need more. (Have you played with your cat today?) Odin needs a walk outside at least once a day, several play times with a variety of games and toys before he konks out. Layla says she’s had cats all her life and has never had a cat this frisky.

This is one example of a few minutes of play when he played fetch and hunt with toys, stole things from Layla’s purse, rolled down stairs, sniffed her hubby’s underwear in ecstasy (shocking!), killed a peacock feather and that’s not all…


This is mere child’s play. No, he had a real adventure on Wednesday. While Layla slept soundly, hubby sat in the garden drank coffee and read the paper. He checked up on feral Domino on the porch and who but Odin was hanging out with him, looking nonplussed. Hubby scratched his head. There was no way Odin could have escaped despite the elaborate combo of locks and latches. He rushed upstairs to the bedroom. All cat burglar’s leave evidence. Odin had pushed the corner of the window screen out, jumped onto the porch roof and jumped down into the bushes lickety split, no problemo. At least not this time.

The good news is, he never goes far when he makes his escape, but we all have to admit: Odin is like the naughty dog from Marlee and Me.

Earlier in the week, he escaped from the laundry room and onto the roof to the surprise of all of us. This wily, fast and slippery boy is the Houdini of cats. We shudder to think what he’ll do for his next act. The truth is, this is only a brief synopsis of his naughtiness. I feel a nap coming on and don’t have time or space to report everything.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report Domino is responding to treatment. He begs at the door for glimpses of his soulmate Odin and of course, food. The shaved fur from the incisions (see last week’s post for details) is growing back and he’s walking on all fours in the wobbly gait of a toddler. He’s taking probiotics to help prevent tummy upset from the two kinds of antibiotics. Everyone is cooing and purring for a full recovery.
Cat-scratching-tree-yogaHere I’m doing some yoga to amuse him at his favorite tree root. It felt good to see him fully relax pain-free after weeks of our anguish and worry.

cat wisdom-feral-cat-sleeping-cute

Odin is always sending him peace and love…and Layla come across a photo of a ragdoll breed cat on the Purina website. Oh, my cod! It looked so much like Domino, it begs the question…

Cat-peace-love-garden-cat-purina-ragdoll-dominoWhat do you think? Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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