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Mondays With Merlin and No Birthday For Cat Mom

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It’s Monday With Merlin and I’ve been thinking about birthdays. My mom, Layla is celebrating her birthday this week but won’t say which day or Cod forbid which number, won’t announce it in any group or Facebook or Twitter, so this it. She is not in the mood to celebrate and wants nothing. Well nothing for herself. Her only wish is to help cats. Her secret birthday wish is to see me reach my 21st birthday on Oct.2. That of course is up to the cat gods and vicissitudes of feline fate.

I’ve lost my appetite and I’m back on an appetite stimulant which sort of working but I’m more wobbly. I just don’t have enough muscle mass left to hold myself up so my back legs are kind of floppy. I can make my way down the stairs but going up is difficult so I’m carried up. I can’t make it off the bed but getting up even with a step stool is iffy. My teeth are bothering me when I’m not on antibiotics and I can’t be on them all the time. Surgery is high risk at this point. There is a daily quality of life check-in that responsible pet parents of the very old need to make but it’s easy to slip into denial and not so easy to be objective especially with worrywarts like folks. With a slow gradual decline like mine, there are bumps in the road like my recent URI, but I’ve weathered them. Only now I’m more fragile.

The quality of life scale really boils down to: are there more good days than bad days. When the bad days outnumber the good days, it’s time to have the conversation no pet parent wants to have. What treatment options continue to be available. How invasive or aggressive a treatment is warranted. Are there the funds for veterinary specialists which can reach 5 figures. Even if there are funds, is it fair to prolong the life of an animal for a few months when they’re ready to go. They say, you’ll know in in their eyes when it’s time for euthansia but that’s where denial can pop up. For instance, my dad thinks I’m fine and could live for another couple years. My mom thinks otherwise and has already picked out a spot to bury me in. One of them is right. I keep telling them I’m not ready but maybe I’m the one in denial. Worry is in the air but lots of love too. I love my daily Reiki, snuggle time in bed and outside on the picnic blankie or on the porch. I’m moving tortoise slow but still like wandering in the garden. A big red flag is I’m not as interested in garden scents as before. If I do make it until my big birthday, I have no interest hanging around to freeze my bony ass this coming winter. No, thank-you. I hate the cold. I hear the afterlife has climate control at a purrfect 78 degrees.
birthday-cat-monday-merlin-surprise It’s hard to believe this was taken only four years ago when I could still see and was shall we say, a pretty boy. My eyes are no longer blue like this, not that I could see them anyway. True beauty is more than fur deep any way. Like all cats, I don’t care if my mom puts on a few pounds, has wrinkles or bad hair days. Actually, cats prefer their humans more natural without a lot of artificial perfumes and stinky hair spray. Our sense of is smell is so highly developed we can smell a mouse a mile away. Well at least Odin can.

Merlin and cat mom Layla
Yes, I am a proud mama’s boy.

If you are feeling like giving a little birthday prezzy, we’re collecting funds for enrichment of the cats at shelter where Layla volunteers. She hadn’t been in awhile and brought 50 mini scratchers last week and was shocked to see no toys in the cages and hardly any in the cage-free rooms. Things have a way of breaking and disappearing when there are 100 cats. Layla usually uses her own money for enrichment (toys, cardboard scratchers, catnip, Feliway). Items quickly get dirty in cages and need to be replaced often. There is a PayPal donation button in the footer and any amount is appreciated.

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  • Marjorie, Hrvey, Miranda and Silver

    We are thinking of doing some syringe feeding of Peanut. She is still feisty and has her up and down days. Saturday was good, Sunday not so good, and Monday is here now. If you have any super good syringe tips we’d like them. She is thin just like Merlin and we have learned from you that she needs to keep some muscle mass. she could last days or weeks. we don’t know.

  • ellen

    Happy Birthday Layla! I am soorry I havent been keeping up some rather nasty health things happening here are occuping my time and energy.

    Merlin you are a hoot ” I have no interest hanging around to freeze my bony ass this coming winter. No, thank-you. I hate the cold. I hear the afterlife has climate control at a purrfect 78 degrees.” That is such an old man/old lady statement but so very true, and I hope you are right that it is clamate controlled.

    You remind me so very much of my Tan’na sometimes seeing you and ‘hearing’ you brings him back for a moment, Stay for a bit longer if you can. Snuggle your humans and enjoy the day.

  • meowmeowmans

    Merlin, we purr and pray that you reach your special day. And that you have lots more good days than not-so-good ones getting there.

    Happy birthday to your awesome Mom Layla, too. We have fingers and paws crossed that her secret wish come true, big time!


  • Elaine Hutzelman

    Happy Pursday to Merlin’s mom, Layla. We love you, Merlin, but don’t want you to suffer. You need to let your mom know when it’s time, so you can have some dignity, since your life was full of it to begin with. As Charles Dickens said,”What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

  • Christy Paws

    Merlin, we hope you have more good days than bad for some time to come. We know it must be so hard for your mom right now but you have had a good, long life with her. We wish her a happy birthday and hope we get to say the same thing to you in October.

  • Dorothy

    Merlin, I think…feel, that you were sent to teach us to live everyday like it’s our birthday. Thank yu fr reminding me that every day and every relationship is a gift. I wish your Mom a wonderful birthday, everyday and may all her teachers be as wise as you.

  • Penelope

    Hmm, mes gotted a time out error…
    Merlin, mes been having the same talk with my Mommy and Daddy. Mes now getting blind in the other eye, my legs don’t works so good and mes NOT looking forward to the cold and damp or the winter.
    Yes, mes is 3 years younger, but mes had a horrible start to my life and the vet is amazed that mes is still doing so well.
    Wes taking it one day at a time – which is hard for humans but as us cats live in the moment, its not too bad at all.
    Sending yous special kisses dear furrend
    Your Nellie Bellie

  • Dezi and Lexi

    Happy Meowday Ms. Layla. Weez sure yous alweady heard ’bout or wesearched all available tweatments, but just in case we fawt weez wuld mention da Protein Powder sis Lexi be on to helpp hers maintain hers muscle mass wiffout hurtin’ hers CKD. It’s not on da website, but yous can email Dr. Edmond and hims will send yous da info. or yous kuld email mommy and mommy can send ya da info. it’s Astro’s Protein Powder and heres da website:

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Brian Frum

    Nothing would make us happier than for Mom to get her Birthday wish, so Happy Birthday to the Mom from all of us. The other is totally up to you pal, you are still wise and you know how to use it.

  • The Swiss Cats

    Merlin,at your age, every day is worth a celebration. You’re so wise, we know you’ll tell your humans loud and clear when it’s time for you. We cross our paws for you and wish you still have more good days than bad days for a long time. Happy Birthweek to your mom Layla (yes, we know that word doesn’t exist, but we decided it was the most adequate !), Purrs and hugs to your mom

  • Annabelle

    Merlin let’s celebrate your birthday every day!
    I understand the angst and fear in your Mom’s voice.
    It’s what we do when we as Mom’s do when there’s no good option open.
    Your Mom is very good at holding onto the moments and not looking too far ahead.
    It’s wise and I know you are trying to lead her down a path and teaching her things, maybe even things she doesn’t want to learn quite yet. But I know you will give her all she needs. Now let’s celebrate that birthday and Layla I wish a good one for you as well. Purrs…..

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Merlin our dear sweet friend, we wish you a happy birthday every day. We know that your journey will end in this plane of being but begin in another joyous, beautiful, age free, pain free, beautiful, climate controlled one. We do rejoice in that knowledge even thou our hearts break at the thought of not having one of our beautiful little souls with us. Lets face it , it hurts, really bad. We purr and pray that when it is time for you to begin your new journey that it is done with all of the grace and beauty that you eximplify in your life. We love you sweet boy. We love all of you in this whole wide world.
    Happy Birthday Layla, we wish you peace and healing and love.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^^..^<~

  • Bev Green

    Sweet Merlin..we have had a blogbattical but now are back..i understand Layla is having a birthday and that age can bring us to thinking..often of the many things out of our are not so much losing your sense of smell as sending it forward along with all your other earthly the place one day you will they will be renewed and vibrant and alive with sensory humans see this and we worry..we are after all human…when the time comes for you to join your senses only you will really Merlin told me..he was tired and had fought the good fight..but i too was playing games with my heart and head..i know that your 21st birthday is a milestone and while you ponder your next adventure Layla ponders the finite lives we all have….so snuggle her close and lay your fur against her skin…humans are frail and hurt deeply..much love to you both Fozziemum xxxx

  • jansfunnyfarm

    Happy birthday, Layla. You have reached another birthday with Merlin still here. Celebrate!

    We too hope Merlin will be here for his 21st birthday, but mostly we just hope every day will be a happy one for him.

  • Kathryn

    Merlin, I think you’re going to last a few more years. 21 is a long time, I know, but I think you’ve got it in you. Emma Peel lived to 20, so I know 21 is an aged number.

    I think Layla will always be a perfect 27. In my mind, I am still 27.

    I will say, too, the afterlife is very pleasant. It is temperature controlled and everybody there is very, very happy. I didn’t want to return, actually, even though my kids were very young at the time. I had no say in the matter. A force swished me back as quickly as it had swished me into the afterlife, that horribly fast and horribly bright tunnel.

    But I think you’re here for a bit longer. You’re not ready to join your sister.

  • Melissa & Angel Truffles

    Merlin, I’m purring that your dad is right and that you do have a couple years left!!! I hope your mom tries to enjoy her birthday…it’s so hard to feel like celebrating and putting on a happy face when you’re hurting so much inside. {{{hugs}}}

  • Sammy

    My friend Merlin, please tell Mom Layla that my Mom and I send hugs and love and a BIG Happy Birthday to her even if she doesn’t really want to celebrate. The passing of time is “iffy” around my house too. My Mom just says it’s another day in her life when she has a birthday and I have to admit, I feel that way too. I know you will be happy to have many more moments there in your wonderfully loving home but I also know when your time comes, you will go in peace having had a most wonderful life. Let’s hope you get to 21 and beyond dear Merlin…………………

    Love, Light, and Hugs……………..Sammy and Mom Pam

  • Laura (Z-Girl) from Squeedunk

    Oh Merlin. Time is such an elusive concept to us humans. We mark birthdays and anniversaries and lament on the passing of days and years. What you kitties teach us is to enjoy every single, simple moment. And even when the luster for a favorite wanes (like your garden scents), we can see that you still enjoy the sun on your fur and the grass under your paws. And the oh, so special care you receive.
    Give your mom extra purrs and assure her that no passage of time will diminish your love no matter where you are and where she may be…
    We love that she gives so generously of her self to kitties at the shelter. The two of you together make such a wonderful, compassionate team. May she have a peaceful birthday and her wish come true.
    They say only time will tell. And there we go. That time reference again….may yours be full of gentleness, handsome boy. Laura and all the girls at Squeedunk: Coco, Valentina, Manhattan, Bessie and Lulu

  • Caren Gittleman

    Happy Happy Birthday to Mom Layla (whatever day it is!) No worries, you are still younger than my older-than-dirt Mama!!!

    We made a small donation…….wish we could do more!

    Merlin you please hang in there, ok?
    Love, Cody and Caren

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood…just az St Francis haz stood bye ewe thru thick & thin, sew two shall him bee bye yur side when yur reddy ta enter yur 10th life~~ may yur good dayz outnumber yur bad; may yur momz day bee a happee one ~~~~~~~~
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ all wayz ~~~~~

  • Carolyn

    Merlin, I am very sure both you and your mom will know when it is the right time to make the journey! Austin sends gentle purrs and a happy birthday to Layla xx

  • Ellen Pilch

    Merlin, I pray you have more good days then bad. I haven’t tried it , but I saw on other blog some Astro protein powder to help with loss of muscle mass. Happy Birthday to your Mom from one Leo to another.

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Merlin, we’re sending you tons and tons of purrs and purrayers. Only the fates/the universe know how long you have left on this plane of existence, so we purray that when the time comes, you’re transition will be gentle and peaceful and pain-free.

    And we’re going to wish Layla a very happy birthday anyway. All Beings die in their time, please tell her not to waste her precious moments upset at another birthday. What does a number mean? Maybe Layla needs to search her heart and soul to find out why she’s so bothered by it–has she so bought into our culture’s shallow worship of youth? Our human happily will proclaim that she’s 51 now — it sounds “old” when she types it out, but she still feels like her Self…and that’s not dependent on her body’s age.

    Peace and purrs to you all.

  • The Island Cats

    Merlin, it’s tough getting old both for us cats and for humans. We know your mom is doing and will do what’s best for you. We’r glad you’re hanging in there. And purrs to your mom as she celebrates her birthday this week.

  • Hannah and Lucy

    We hope your humans will let you decide when it is your time to cross Rainbow Bridge Merlin. It is about the quality of your life not the length of it that matters.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  • easy rider

    It’s my wish too that you can celebrate your 21th birthday and I cross my paws and hope hope hope it will happen. I know your mom want’s nothing for her birthday, but I will send her a hug… a big one…

  • Summer

    Purrs to you Merlin – we kitties are so much wiser than our humans. I know you will tell yours when it is time for you… and I get the sneaking suspicion that at the moment you are enjoying all the extra care and attention you are getting. 😉 Tell your human to take some time to enjoy the garden scents, even if it has less appeal for you these days. Birthdays are not about years, but about marking your place in time and finding peace within.

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