Merlin’s #1 Man Cat Monday

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Layla: So, I’m focused on taking a nice shot of Domino when out of the corner of my eye I see Gris Gris waving his arms like an orchestra conductor. I’d never seen anything like it but since he often acts as Merlin “seeing eye cat” perhaps he was playing body-guard from unseen danger.

Merlin: What is this nonsense you’re spouting, woman? I know perfectly well when I’m about to hit the bushes. My whiskers warn me. That Gris Gris was just trying to get me to play but I’m too old to prance around like him. He’s no spring chicken (where is an editor when you need one?). Who does he think he is, Mick Jagger? The only game I like outdoors rolling in the sun. Allow me to demonstrate and yes and change is sometimes as good as a rest. But may I remind you, I’m not dead yet and this still is Mondays with Merlin!

Layla: I stand corrected. For those of you wondering how Merlin is doing, he’s been more cognitively lucid and alert lately making it easier to communicate with him in an intuitive shorthand. What, you want another kitty litter near the bed? Sure. You like cool spring water in a glass on hot third floor. You got it. More cod liver oil mixed into your food so you can smell it better? Yup.

Several times a day, I simply tune in and ask verbally and non-verbally, how he’s feeling and what he wants. Thankfully, he’s always been verbal. I know when he gets quiet, all is not well. It’s natural for any being who is losing their senses to feel fear and it’s up to us as caretakers to help alleviate anxiety. I’m spraying Feliway in all of Merlin’s favorite places and it’s helping after last week’s epic hissy fit.

As I’m spending more time with Merlin and less time training Odin (which he loves) is feeling displaced. One night last week, while Merlin snuggled under the covers, Odin who never stays on the bed for more than a few minutes, crawled next to us. We’re all familiar with the low growl of an angry territorial  cat but Merlin’s guttural sounds scared even me. I thought the bed would rise and spin around like in The Exorcist! Needless to say Odin fled. You didn’t need to be psychic to know Merlin didn’t want to share me. And so the shifting sands of cat dynamics continue.

Merlin: Yeah, I’m #1 for evah!

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