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Who’s That Kitty Girl?

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Does Odin have a new girlfriend? He favors a special wild corner of our next door neighbor’s property. There’s a network of burrows and tunnels flanking a tall fence of another neighbor’s pool and tennis court, in what I call the kitty highway. There used to be feral cats living there but not in years.

Another neighbor has seven cats including Maine Coons and black cats but I’m not sure if this is one of hers. This was taken from 50 feet away where I discretely observed the scene. The always cordial Odin (on the left) and Mystery kitty were just hanging out but at a safe distance. As soon as I walked closer, Odin made a beeline towards me, very excited. There was no indication of aggression of any kind. Miss? Blackie slinked into the burrow. I placed our KatKabin and food on our property hoping to see evidence of black hair on fleecy cover. The food was of course eaten but by who is anyone’s guess. Odin dashed inside the KatKabin but so far no black furs… Thoughts?




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