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Feline Friday Funnies: What is the Cat Doing in Your Mouth?

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We have a funny and charming guest post from John Grafton and his true cat story. When it comes to cats, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Although I’d had dogs and cats in and out of my life for as long as I can remember, I didn’t become a ‘cat person’ until after I married. At that time, my wife had a dog and for the first couple of years, the dog, as well as several major ‘moves’ prevented us from caring for more animals; but when we settled in Atlanta nearly 30 years ago, we decided it was time to add some felines to the mix.clancy cat-John Grafton

We went to the local animal shelter and each of us picked out a kitty. It wasn’t hard for me since from the moment I locked eyes with that little white snowball with large grey spots in the back of a crowded ‘kitty’ cage, and she ‘bulldozed’ her way to the front of the cage to get to me, Clancy and I were firmly bonded for the next 21 years.

At that time, we lived in a house with a basement that provided the kitties numerous opportunities for exploration and since I wasn’t working at the time, it became my habit to go downstairs with them and just watch their ‘adventures’ evolve.

One day after I had brushed my teeth and gone downstairs to see ‘the girls’ play, Clancy showed a distinct and definite fondness for the mint scent on my breath from the toothpaste. As I held her in my lap and exhaled, her nose twitched like a bunny and she decided that she must investigate the origin of that wonderful smell.

She quickly realized that my mouth was the source and as kitties do, she started marching up my chest with her little stub of a tail erect and a very determined look in her eyes.

When she reached my mouth, she didn’t consider the issue closed and using her nose, she forced my mouth open to get a better whiff. The more she pushed, the bigger I opened my mouth until she pushed her entire little head into my mouth! That was the exact moment the door opened and my wife, trying to maintain her calm, asked the obvious question, “What is the cat doing in your mouth?”

Granted, when you’re caught with a kitty hanging out of your mouth, it’s hard to adequately explain yourself, but after the few seconds it took to extricate Clancy’s head from my mouth, I had ‘the answer’ ready and explained what had happened.clancy cat

Although she basically believed me, I think that image of me with Clancy dangling from my face will never leave her and she backed-up slowly and walked away, shaking her head and probably wondering what kind of freak she had married. Little did she know that some of mine and Clancy’s exploits over the next two decades would make this appear relatively tame.

For more feline fun from John Grafton visit his site The Daily Mews


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