Compassion is Always in Fashion

It’s Mondays With Merlin. Yes, even while recovering from Sandy I’m a trooper. Listen, when you get to be an old cat like me, being a little inconvenienced by no Internet is no biggie. To be honest, I like that my mom Layla isn’t glued to a computer screen 24/7. I think all cats will agree: spending more time with cats is time well spent. Since Sandy hit, I didn’t miss one hot meal and our bed was as cozy and warm as ever, but not all kitties, doggies and hoomans were so lucky. So, my lesson of the day is about being nice by helping a friend, neighbor, why even a stranger. What a concept! Compassion is always in fashion! If you feel like helping, contact your animal local shelter or Red Cross. You’ll be glad you did.

We won’t be here tomorrow so if you’re an American citizen, please don’t be of two minds. You have a choice. Vote!

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29 thoughts on “Compassion is Always in Fashion”

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  5. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I made 43 cat and dog toys by hand. They were then sent to a shelter in Newark, NJ that had been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    I found out later, when I got the thank-you note, that they were not hit too badly and had not lost any animals and that some of the animals that came in after the storm were already being reunited with their humans.

    Best project I have worked on in a long time, and I’d gladly do it again! 🙂

  6. Hi Layla,

    Compassion makes the world go ’round.

    I hope that all cat parents and cats that were touched by Hurricane Sandy are safe and comfortable. I hope they are getting all the help they need.

    I hope that the coming storm doesn’t add salt to the wounds. I hope it changes course and heads out to sea or dissipates.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  7. Merlin, I am glad you and your kitty buddies and your cat Mom all survived Sandy with your home and your lives intact. I did my American duty and already have voted by mail.

    I still believe cats should rule the world. I feel it would be a more compassionate place indeed although the dogs may not like it too much. 🙂

  8. Kindness is a way of life! Rock the Vote!!!
    Luvs and purrs to all. We pray for help for all…no matter who,what or where. Skeeter and Izzt >^..^<

  9. Will be voting for sure!!!!
    How will the voting be held in places without power?
    Merlin, you are looking well.
    Have a Wonderful Week!!

  10. Was just reading the NYT about how desperate the people are – no shelter, no food. We have lots of extra canned goods. So going to donate and help where I can.

  11. We agree about compassion. And random acts of kindness too! 🙂

    Coverage of the US election has been all over our news, of course, as who’s in the White House affects us too.

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