Christmas in July Contest

When I unwrapped the hot off the press cat calendar Great Rescues by artist Bernadette Kazmarski, it felt like Christmas in July. I loved everything about it. The images of cats she’s painted are exquisite, but she’s written a story about each of these rescued cats. Each month of the 16 week calendar has every possible pet-related holiday marked, along with added resources and cat tips, making this the ultimate cat lovers calendar. Clearly a labor of love, I thinks it’s the best cat calendar I’ve seen and you can win one. Just leave a comment. (subscribers of Cat Wisdom 101 only please). Share Cat Wisdom101 on Facebook, Twitter etc. for extra chances to win. The winner will be selected at random next Wednesday July 27th.

If you can’t wait and have to have one NOW, then go visit Bernadette’s Great Rescues Calender website to see better images than my quickie snaps. You can order one for yourself, and it’s never to early to buy Christmas prezzies. Visit Bernadette’s main website to browse through her impressive smorgasbord of talents from illustration, photography and writing.



31 thoughts on “Christmas in July Contest”

  1. Oh,I would love to have this- I have several cat calendars arount the house- can’t have too many! All 3 of our cats are strays/rescues. Thanks so much!

  2. I first met Bernadette thru Ingrid King’s blog – “Tortitude” – The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats and got to meet her in person at a book signing of Ingrids. I am so impressed with her drawing, paintings and stories of her wonderful furry family.

  3. I love Bernadette’s work. And her blog, which I read everyday. I love to see new photos of her kitty family.

  4. Cannot wait to read the stories of these REAL rescues!! GOD BLESS all the RESCUERS and the kitties of the world… They keep us humble humans… ^^ ^^ ^^ (Mom to 3 rescued female felines: TALLULAH, PENELOPE & Miss LILY!)

  5. Hi there! Followed your link to the page so I could look into the calendar and prices but neither link works and gives a message about it being in error. Is there a way to correct this?

    It’s definitely a lovely calendar and it’s one of those that’s too pretty to mark up with appointment notes and such.

  6. Layla, thanks so much for featuring my calendar and for your compliments. Christmas in July! How wonderful! And thanks to everyone else for your comments. It truly was a labor of love and I am thrilled after all these years of carrying these stories to finally share them with a world of other animal rescuers. But don’t enter me in the contest ;)!

  7. Bernadette is a brilliant artist AND writer, and one of the most compassionate people I know. She has such a tender heart! I think her beautiful calendar will be a purrrific Christmas present for cat lovers.

  8. I just received a copy of this gorgeous calendar, too – it is one of the most beautiful calendars I’ve ever seen! And I’m thrilled that Peaches made it into the calendar – I commissioned that as a Christmas gift for a dear friend last year. You should have seen the original painting – absolutely stunning! Bernadette is not only an incredbily talented artist, but because of her love for cats, her cat paintings have that extra special something that goes beyond talent.

  9. I would love the chance to win the calendar. I love Bernadette’s work. Plus how can you go wrong when promoting adoptions.

  10. just dawned on me, I am following you on Twitter (@catchatcaren) not sure if you are following me as well, I tweeted it twice. Have a great day and thanks for wonderful contest!

  11. stunning! Love that this is in “book” form as well. I would LOVE to be entered please. I am also going to tweet this and share it on Facebook on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody page.

  12. What a wonderful calendar and really delightful artwork to highlight all the lucky rescues! Purrfectly beautiful and being a calendar it’s a daily reminder of how many LUCKY cats and humans found each other.

    Pam and Sam

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