Caturday Golden Egg Easter Hunt


We’ve had an extraordinary week with the entire Cat Wisdom 101 team in good spirits. Even Gris Gris, the least cuddly of the bunch made a quantum leap forward in bonding with Layla and the others. Shhh, he slept with her last night!

The full moon made for serious frolic and naughtiness. No one is allowed outdoors at dusk, but Odin slammed his full weight against the screen door and pushed it open. His Bengal friend Cachete was waiting. Before you could say jailbreak, everyone had escaped except Merlin, for a mega-dose of full moon madness.

While they cavorted and streaked across the lawn under the moonlit sky, I shrieked, “Odin, come!”, to no avail. I don’t think so, they taunted. Game on, crazy human. Odin teased me mercilessly, coming within grabbing distance only to zigzag out of my reach and tear up another tree. Two can play this game. My strategy was to drain his excess energy while keeping an eye on their whereabouts. Fortunately, they hadn’t had dinner yet.

You can’t fight Mother Nature and they don’t call it full moon madness for nothing. After about twenty minutes and a nice appetite built up, it was come to mama time. To avoid a repeat performance, I figured extra play/exercise would reduce the crazies and let everyone out yesterday for several walkies and an golden Easter egg hunt. This time, Odin behaved like a dream.

Odin searched high and low for the elusive golden egg.

No eggs here…

Easter-egg-hunt-cat-catwisdom 101

or way up here but what a view! No wonder the squirrels like it.

easter-tree-cat-catwisdom101-egg hunt

Odin, forever the ringleader enlists the others to help in the search. Domino says,”I’m looking, I’m looking but I’m not climbing any trees. I’m a croucher not a climber!” Domino doesn’t let on he’s more interested in other things.

easter-hunt-cat-art-cat wisdom 101

Can you see Domino hiding in the bushes? He lets Odin steal the limelight or golden egg glow. After racing all around, Odin finally spies his prize.

easter-egghunt-cat wisdom 101-catseaster-golden egg hunt-cat-cat wisdom 101

Meanwhile, those who seek less are rewarded by their patience. Gris Gris who loves to lurk and play on the sidelines often wins by default. “Look what the Easter bunny left me!”

easter-egg-basket-cat-catwisdom 101

Merlin, the wisest of them all says, “Forget seeking one golden egg when there are beautiful eggs all around you, if you look with your heart and not your eyes.” Have a golden, eggcellent and Happy Easter!

easter-merlin-cat-catwisdom 101

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16 thoughts on “Caturday Golden Egg Easter Hunt

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  2. Love this post and i really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing those love pictures to us and i’m looking forward to read more from you!

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos! We also enjoyed our Easter egg hunting in our community, children are so excited to look for the golden egg!
    Happy Easter and Peace be with you all!

  4. The fullmoon madness hit our house too! Kwazy katz everywhere! Mine have catnip eggs to find with new mice inside!
    Hoppy Easter Layla,Cat Daddy,Gris Gris,Odin,Domino and Dear Dear Merlin! Hoppy Easter to All!! Kitty Kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^bb^< Easter Bunny eyes

  5. Gorgeous photos!!! Love them and the eggs, too. Our boys don’t get into the egg bit, but they get a jar of Baby Food.

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