Catification Countdown To Blogpaws + Art Hop

We could use a cat nap after meeting our Blogpaws presentation deadline yesterday. If you’re attending Blogpaws, the social media conference for pet bloggers, I promise my talk will be a treat. If you’re still considering coming to Blogpaws, the count down has begun. You can still register with our discount code Blogpaws-Catwisdom101. I’ll be hopping on a plane to Vegas on May 7, and happy the conference is at the gorgeous Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa and not the wild strip. Sorry, the glitz and gambling is not for me. What could be more enticing than 500 pet lovers and a bevy of pets? I did consider bringing Odin, our little adventure boy, but given he’s never traveled further than a few minutes by car, I thought nah, not in this life.

Speaking of wild or at least cats gone wild, the premiere of season 5 of  My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet airs tonight at 9 PM. Cat daddy Jackson Galaxy wrangles more unruly kitties with help from Kate Benjamin, the queen of catification. To catify is their lingo for creating a stylish, feline-friendly environment for happy cats and happy pet parents. They have a book coming out this fall called, what else but Catification. Kate’s cat design website Hauspanther has featured the latest and best designed feline products since 2007. I’m looking forward to meeting Kate and hanging out at their Catification lounge at Blogpaws! Stay tuned for a full report.

I’ve been feeling the love glow of cherry blossoms all week. I’ll be posting more blooming pics at our other blog Boomer Muse Merlin was grooving on the warmer air and he inspired me to magically transport him into the blooming trees. Why not? If we can dream it and believe it, anything is possible.

What are you dreaming about this weekend?

Merlin-cat-cherry blossoms

28 thoughts on “Catification Countdown To Blogpaws + Art Hop”

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing, I really appreciate it. How we wish we could join you at BlogPaws (maybe maybe?!). It sounds like such a fabulous opportunity.

  2. Layla, we are so very happy that you get to live your dreams even tho it keeps you super busy at times.
    We would absolutely love to attend something like the Blogpaws event but alas funding and time prevent us from doing so. We still really enjoy watching vids and reading all about it! We can dream too!
    Happy belated Caturday to all!

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  3. Hmmm…. I’m thinkin’ about signin’ some of my furfam up to be guests on that Cat from Hell show. You know if they’re lookin’ for any misbehavin’ cats? SOMEBODY, peed on one of my nip mice yesterday. MO– — — USES!


  4. Photoshop makes anything possible! No more cutting overlays, etc. Too bad we won’t be at Blogpaws. Well, actually, Plush CK will be there. Hope to get a photo op.

    Thank you for the Get Well wishes. I’m hoping that this asthma is history for this year.

  5. The Westin Resort looks. Very nice! Have fun at Blogpaws. It’ll be so exciting to meet all the animal lovers!
    The art image of Merlin is beautiful! Lovely pink color and Merlin’s face looks so dreamy 🙂

  6. Beautiful art with Merlin, bet he had fun!
    Rather be able to hear your speach, I can’t attend, Much more interesting than Cat From Hell.
    Hauspanther does have lovely, expensive things.

  7. Wow. Wow. Wow. That is a magical, unbelievably beautiful photo you created. I absolutely love it! Have a wonderful Caturday, Layla and kitties and I look forward to meeting you at BlogPaws!

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