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Cats Weigh In On Vet Visits & Carriers

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Every cat reacts differently to going to the vet despite how they travel.

Odin feels fooled again…



Our vet Dr. Rich Goldstein paid us visit yesterday. Intuitive Gris Gris nervously paced minutes before the big mobile clinic on wheels arrived in our driveway. Cats always know. “Relax, he’s not coming to see you today,” I said.

Despite the convenience, every one of our cats arrives inside the clinic in their own way. Hubby carried Domino for a follow-up visit in his arms without a twitch of trouble. Considering Domino lived a feral life outdoors for seven years, he’s the calmest patient. Domino is looking and feeling good but Dr. G wanted to do some more bloodwork regarding elevated protein levels.

Merlin arrived second. He never struggles but has turned into a more cantankerous patient. Fortunately Dr. G and vet tech Denise have the best bedside manner. Merlin’s weight is miraculously holding and is up a couple ounces. Go Merlin!

Our most difficult patient is Odin who needs to be coaxed into a carrier. The top loading entrance made it easy. We had a new hard-sided carrier from petmate and thought we’d test drive it. Think of it was a giveaway preview.

Stylish or not Odin preferred the view from outside the carrier. His favorite thing about his vet visit is the view of our house. Odin aced his exam and received a booster shot. He’s always allowed to exit (without a carrier) free to bolt to the front door or if really annoyed, up a tree to burn off excess energy.

Three cats, three very different visits. One brilliant vet. I felt relieved and happy to head afterwards to NYC for an awesome party to benefit feral cats Architects for Animals More tomorrow…

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