Cats Weigh In On Vet Visits & Carriers

Every cat reacts differently to going to the vet despite how they travel.

Odin feels fooled again…



Our vet Dr. Rich Goldstein paid us visit yesterday. Intuitive Gris Gris nervously paced minutes before the big mobile clinic on wheels arrived in our driveway. Cats always know. “Relax, he’s not coming to see you today,” I said.

Despite the convenience, every one of our cats arrives inside the clinic in their own way. Hubby carried Domino for a follow-up visit in his arms without a twitch of trouble. Considering Domino lived a feral life outdoors for seven years, he’s the calmest patient. Domino is looking and feeling good but Dr. G wanted to do some more bloodwork regarding elevated protein levels.

Merlin arrived second. He never struggles but has turned into a more cantankerous patient. Fortunately Dr. G and vet tech Denise have the best bedside manner. Merlin’s weight is miraculously holding and is up a couple ounces. Go Merlin!

Our most difficult patient is Odin who needs to be coaxed into a carrier. The top loading entrance made it easy. We had a new hard-sided carrier from petmate and thought we’d test drive it. Think of it was a giveaway preview. 

Stylish or not Odin preferred the view from outside the carrier. His favorite thing about his vet visit is the view of our house. Odin aced his exam and received a booster shot. He’s always allowed to exit (without a carrier) free to bolt to the front door or if really annoyed, up a tree to burn off excess energy.

Three cats, three very different visits. One brilliant vet. I felt relieved and happy to head afterwards to NYC for an awesome party to benefit feral cats Architects for Animals More tomorrow…

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33 thoughts on “Cats Weigh In On Vet Visits & Carriers”

  1. That is a really nice looking carrier!! I just have those ugly plastic things, I really should upgrade. Boy, do I envy you living where there is a mobile vet clinic. I have to drive 20 miles to my vet and there is so much shrieking going on during the ride that it makes me a nervous wreck.

  2. glad everee one hada grate chek up… N mrs odin… we hope ewe haza sooooper grate awesum day at de architects event…..

    and hope everee one haza FABulous flounder fryday anda grate week oh end !!


  3. That carrier is awesome! Love the look on Odins face.
    Great news on Merlins weight gain. Odin being healthy.
    Hope Dominos blood work comes back good. Have fun at the party!

  4. Glad your kitties are doing good. Mine all hate going to the vet. We have a really good vet at the clinic whom we just love. All of the staff is wonderful there. I always have some type of blanket in the carrier if it’s cold another covering the top.

  5. I too wish we had a mobile vet here. Muggins absolutely hates going to the vet. Think five foot long claws and all hair standing on end. He aways gives me the cold shoulder once we are home and won’t come out for hours and hours. I’m so glad your kitties are doing ok!!

    Hugs and Purrs…

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  6. It’s fun to read theree different reactions to the vet vitit 🙂 Goro is usually very vocal on the way to the vet and Niko is very quiet.
    It’s great Merlin gaind a little weight! Have a great weekend!

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  7. If your person put a used pillow case or t-shirt or other item in the carrier we will feel much calmer. and we like you to leave them with us at the vets if we have to stay. Wish there were more quality mobile vets and not so expensive. Why can’t there be vet tech who go to our homes, like they have for people, to draw labs. This would be much less stresful than having to travel to the vet for frequent lab work like cats with kidney, heart or thyroid have to do.

    1. Lilly Cat, for longer trips, we do place familiar scented items in a carrier. Our mobile vet is no more expensive than a regular vet bit there is a travel charge but it’s the same for one cat or ten. Mobile vet techs for lab work is an interesting idea!

      1. I wish I had a mobile vet like yours. The local travel charge is average of $100 and some of them don’t even bring techs with them and want to take the cat in for lab work.

  8. If your person puts a used pillowcase, t-shirt or other items which has their scent, you will feel calmer in the carrier and if the vet office lets you, at the vets if you have to stay there, which I hope you don’t.

    I wish there were good and not so expensive mobile vets here. Or state laws would allow vet techs to go to client’s homes to draw blood and urine, especially if it has to be drawn frequently. The stress of the visits can’t be helping diseases like kidney, heart and thyroid.

    There are mobile lab services for people, why not us cats?

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