Boxing Day Mancats With Krampus Bowties, No Boxes

Boxing Day Mancats With Krampus Bowties, No Boxes.

What kind of fresh hell is this? Boing Day Mancats? Krampus on Christmas? You might think so if you visited our house. Merlin here, and it was my first Christmas shall we say, not in situ and no one was in the mood to celebrate. There was no tree, no decorations, no gifts, at least not ones gift-wrapped. There are no boxes to play with on boxing day because the only parcels that arrived have stuff in them, like our Black Cat Tells All Calendars (get yours here) and diabetes supplies and glucometer for Clyde.

This is our last Mondays with Merlin in 2016. Can you believe it? There is some heavy duty thinking going on and we’re pondering our blogging path for 2017. I’ll give you a clue.

mondays _with_merlin_quote

We didn’t have a white Christmas. More earth-toned and somber.  When a loved ones dies near a big holiday it’s colors the holiday, sometimes forever. You see, our dear Gris Gris, my good friend made a sudden departure for the great beyond three years ago. He was always racing around even at age 16 in any season (even in the snow) happy as could be on Christmas Day,  rushed to the vet on Boxing Day from stroke and died the following day. I don’t see much of him now that we’re beyond the mortal coil but we do connect in a flash if we need to. That’s how souls and energy work, much like the Internet only without glitches. This is a short remembrance before Clyde an Odin have some sharing to do. They aren’t fast friends but getting along. There is some interesting time sharing going on and general equanimity. Thank Bast for small mercies.


Merlin at cat grave


Odin here, reluctantly. I like being on Instagram where I hang out most days. This is how I feel about posing and the holidays. Blah. Our friends in Canada, U.K. N.Z. and Australia are celebrating Boxing Day. I have no good boxes left. Can anyone share theirs? I’m playing more with Nou Nou since I can’t go outside as much and I live for the outdoors. My new older, way older bro, Clyde does not like playing with boxes or much else. He doesn’t much like me neither.  He’s really more human than cat, and that damned Scottish accent is driving me crazy.  He had the nerve to wear a festive plaid bow tie. Who does he think he is? Sean Connery? He’s certainly old enough.


boxing day mancats

Did I hear someone call my name?  Odin, you young whippersnapper. Didn’t anyone teach you to respect your elders? And cover your privates, you rude boy. Be nice and I might share my catnip toys from BewitchedCatnipToys with you. I’ll be rrrrreporrrrrting again soon. Maybe next year. Maybe sooner than the time to sing Auld Lang Syne, which by the way is Scottish, dontcha know.

Until next time, bye for noo, Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and of course the eternal major domo and the boss of all of us Merlin.

32 thoughts on “Boxing Day Mancats With Krampus Bowties, No Boxes”

  1. Hahah Sean Connery, that made me laugh! You have a great sense of humor. However, no boxes = no fun!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to reading about your new adventures in the New Year! 🙂

  2. Merlin Darling! It was so nice that yous came and cuddles with mes on Christmas day while Mommy was bringing Christmas Cheer to her sister. Wes was not expecting much of a celebration this year, but it ended up being WAY better than Mommy and mes anticipated. And wes had a fabulous Solstice Celebration!
    Much love and Many Kisses
    Nellie Bellie

  3. No boxes here except for the old ones. I wish you and yours Happy Holidays and to those in the great beyond many boxes or whatever their spirit hearts desire.

  4. I think Clyde is more handsome than Mr. Connery 🙂 We have many boxes here as well as bags!
    Purrs to you all remembering Gris Gris. And it’s always lovely to see you, Merlin xoxo

  5. Rufus always has his special box and look-out on the kitchen island. You can see it on our blog, decorated for Christmas. Boxing Day is Everyday around here.
    Kisses to sweet old Clyde looking so handsome in his bowtie.
    Happy New Year to him, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou, wise Merlin in the beyond, and their faithful people.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  6. We don’t have any new boxes here either! The humans didn’t give each other anything that involved any good boxes, and the old ones are about ready for the recycling bin. I hope they do better next year!

  7. Happy Boxing Day for the Commonwealth Countries (I always miss Boxing Day here in the U.S. because it was a good day to rest).

    Such lovely kitties those still here and those here in spirit.

    Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day.

    Our boyz got their usual catnip and the special treat baby food. The baby food they really love.

  8. Our home sounds like yours as far as no tree or wrapped presents. My kitties did get catnip filled felt mice, which they were wild for. Clyde is very handsome, Scottish accents are way cool!!
    Glad to have you watching over them Merlin my dear.

  9. Happy Boxong Day to all!
    We had a rainy,dreary Christmas but we are grateful for the rain. It has been getting kind of dry and near drought here so the rain is much appreciated and we don’t have to shovel it!
    We hope that everyone has had a good holiday season so far and will continue to prosper and grow in the coming new year.
    Luvs, Purrs and Prayers to all!
    Skeeter and Izzy & the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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