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Chronicles of Zee & Zoey- book review- cat wisdom 101-Layla Morgan Wilde

We’re thrilled to be the first blog to review The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes. I first came across Deb’s beautiful website when she was nominated for a Pettie Award for Best Designed Blog. Everything about her site appealed to me and she graciously agreed to be interviewed. Click here to view

We chatted on the phone like cat lady soul sisters and I was thrilled to hear she’d written a book.  She calls it a journey of the extraordinarily ordinary but there’s nothing ordinary about the book. In it, she chronicles the twists and turns of her life and her extraordinary cats. At its core, it’s a love story of her two cats Zee & Zoey but it’s so much more. Deb is the Cat Writers Association’s newest member and I look forward to meeting her at their conference in November.

I couldn’t wait to open the package with the book inside. Odin seemed excited as me to sniff out the goods. The first thing we noticed (besides the stunning cover) was the weight. We like a book with good heft and we’re suckers for thick glossy paper. They say you can’t tell a book by its cover but you can with Zee & Zoey. I opened it up and…

chronicles of zee & zoey-book review-catwisdom 101

Chronicles of zee & zoey-book-cat wisdom 101
every page is a work of art filled with graphics, oodles of photos of Deb’s cat family and words written from the heart. It’s one of the most beautiful cat books I’ve ever seen. Odin gives his highest 4 star stamp of approval.

Chronicles of zee & zoey-book-cat wisdom 101

This enchanting book would make an ideal gift this holiday season for any cat lover. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Prepare to be enchanted. Enter the magical world of Zee & Zoey at and their video trailer  The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey

One lucky Cat Wisdom 101 reader will win their own autographed copy delivered to their home. All you have to do is leave a comment. (Cat Wisdom 101 subscribers only please).

We’ll announce the winner next Sunday. 

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes

Published 2011 ZZP Publishing. 175 pages

Rating: 4 Paws

33 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Cat Book & Giveaway”

  1. The only thing more remarkable than cats who appreciate literature are computer literate cats! One of my cats sits between me and whatever I am reading, and another of my sweet furballs watches everything on the computer monitor! We would love to read this book together!

      1. That’s a question for our tech guy. Right now, I don’t think it’s possible in order to block spam.

  2. We are delighted to have discovered your blog via Mr Puddy and this book.
    The book looks fantastic and we certainly would love to be the winners.
    Dad wanted me to point out that he is a designer and loves the look of t he book and her website.

  3. What a lovely book. I watched the trailer to make sure it was something I would like and it sounds perfect! Love Odin’s pictures and enjoy reading about your cats as I always do!


  4. I would love to have this book in my collection. It sounds amazing. I bet my toddler would love to look at all the photos. He is on track to become my “crazy cat boy”! We look through cat photo books all the time so I know he’d love it if we won this book!

  5. I would love this book to add to my collection! I have found most of my books through this site and have loved every one of them so has my 12 year old CAT LOVING son.

  6. I am so appreciative to have learned of the blog Zee and Zoey and the book! I love what the author says about the number of cats that a cat lover can have. I have 4 wonderful cats and have wondered if that’s too many~ according to the author that sounds about right.

  7. If the wonderful book critic Odin gives it 4 paws up then it has to be an extraordinary read! Whats better than a warm fur buddy and a good book on a chilly fall day? Answer…A good cat book of course! Purrs! >^OO^<

  8. Hey! The first review. What a fantastic moment. 🙂 Well done Odin, you are very discerning! Am totally loving the book, but Austin has yet to read it. Am not letting him to be honest as I reckon he’ll be on the next plane to Florida! xx

      1. Oh what fun!! I can open a kitty cat R & R haven for our favorite friends to come by and visit! I’m not sure how all my spoiled cats would react – probably about 50% favorably, and 50% would give it a growl, arched back, and a hiss!!

  9. Not sure if I’m eligible since I’m over here in the UK, but if I am, please enter me in your comp, I’d love to win this book! Otherwise I’m still looking forward to picking up a copy soon, it sounds just my cup of tea!! =^..^=

  10. I loved your interview and I am excited to see Deb’s book. Class and cats go together naturally and between you, Deb, and the book trailer, your review has it all.

  11. Layla – this is quite a milestone moment in my life and I am overjoyed at your kind words and enthusiasm for The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey. The story is meant to inspire the reader, so when hearing that Odin, a cat of extremely high discriminating taste, has given me his highest 4 Paws Rating, I just could not believe it! I thank all of you at Cat Wisdom 101 for providing me with this wonderful first review and I will never forget this moment in my life – it is the epitome of going from “ordinary to extraordinary.”

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