2016 Cat Oscars: Meow Mix Announces the Year’s Best Internet Cat Moments

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 27, 2016/ Cat Saturday, Feline Funnies/ 22 comments

It’s an exciting pre-Oscar Caturday with award show season in full swing. The Oscars are on Sunday but we have the 2016 Cat Oscars. Our cats enjoy watching the Oscars and while there are certainly some human actors worthy of purr-aise, I think it’s about time we acknowledge those creatures who know the best way to work a red carpet…

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Aquarian Cats For Peace

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 24, 2016/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats/ 19 comments

Is the Aquarius cat a radical anarchist keeping pet parents on their toes with subversive cat videos or an inspiration the makes the world a better place? The age of Aquarius will last 1260 years ushering in peace and harmony. The idea of peace and letting the sun shine in happens one person, one cat at a time. Who better than cats to be ambassadors for meaningful change to truly make a difference in the world?

Today is Nyan, Nyan, Nyan Japanese Cat Day

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 22, 2016/ Cats/ 30 comments

Hello – Kon nichi wa – こんにちは。it’s me, Merlin turning Japanese for a day to celebrate Nyan, Nyan, Nyan or Japanese Cat Day. “Nyan” is the Japanese equivalent of  the “meow” sound and “ni” is the Japanese word for number two. February 22 (written 22/2) is pronounced “ni ni ni”, which apparently sounds close to “nyan nyan nyan”.  Sounds good to

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Caturday Goes To The Dogs: Westminster 2016

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 20, 2016/ Cat Saturday/ 19 comments

Caturday goes to the dogs for a rare look outside our cat-centric world.  I attended the 14Oth session of the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday at Madison Square Gardens in  Manhattan.  I won tickets from a contest at the dog blog Golden Woofs  Although 110% cat lover, I never miss viewing the WKC show on TV,  and experiencing the

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Four Feline Fun Facts on Antique Cat Art

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 19, 2016/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays, Holistic cat care/ 19 comments

We’re ending the week with some old-fashioned cat wisdom and four feline fun facts. When these paintings of cats and kittens were painted over 100 years ago, cat care and veterinary advice was in Dark Ages. We’ve come a long way since then but the facts bear repeating in a fun new way. World Spay Day is February 23rd. Kitten

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Cat’s Trip to a Veterinary Dental Specialist

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 15, 2016/ Cats, Holidays, Holistic cat care, Mondays With Merlin, Vet 101/ 31 comments

A special updated post from our archives from the original feline muse, Merlin. It’s Mondays With Merlin, here to tell you about a cat vet trip. Not just any vet trip but my trip to a veterinary dental specialist. It’s Pet Dental Month (click for good tips). Updated 2019. When you get to my age, 21, I’ve seen just about

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Best Valentine For Cat Lovers

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 13, 2016/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Holidays/ 21 comments

Are you wondering what the best Valentine is for cat lovers? This year Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach a blush-worthy 19 billion in the U.S. and over 700 million will be spent on pets. My hubby and I must be very unromantic since there won’t be champagne, roses, chocolates, lingerie, perfume, romantic dinners at our house but we

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Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 11, 2016/ Cat Behavior 101, cat photo quotes, Cats, Holidays, Shelter Cats/ 41 comments

Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll. We’ve all seen it. Cats walking nearby and suddenly flopping over on their back with a wriggle called the social roll, but why do they do it? Like all cat postures, there are subtle variations of meaning but whether it’s a human or animal watching them, it’s a friendly, non-aggressive stance demonstrating

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Cat Who is a Dog in Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 8, 2016/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays, Man Cat Mondays, Merlin, Mondays With Merlin/ 25 comments

  Cat Who is a Dog in the Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine. Huh? It’s like this. I’m a cat but in Chinese Astrology I’m a dog because of the year I was born (1994). Yeah, I’m that old. To add insult to injury, of the 12 animals in the zodiac there is no cat! There are pigs, oxen,

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Cats, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui and Super Bowl 2016

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 7, 2016/ Cat Astrology, Cats, Holidays/ 21 comments

There’s much to celebrate today. It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year. In the U.S. we have Super Bowl mania. While grocery shopping yesterday, you’d think we were stocking up for a famine. Customers bought snacks by the truckload, treats for humans and pets (we’re down with the treats part) for eating, drinking and watching the Super Bowl. Football is not

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Black Cat Lives Matter

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 5, 2016/ cat photo quotes, Cats/ 58 comments

Updated 2019. When we first posted, it was before our book Black Cats Tell All was published. Some thought the #Blackcatlivesmatter stance was racially insensitive so we removed all mention of it in our crowdfunding. At the time, one of the emerging cat advocates, Kitten Lady initially did not approve but when I did her a favor, she backpedaled but

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Mondays With Merlin The Cat: Marie Kondo Declutter Tips

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 1, 2016/ Cats, Holistic cat care, Man Cat Mondays, Mondays With Merlin/ 40 comments

Happy Monday! It’s Merlin, showing you my Monday face. Not quite a wrinkled nose, meh face but close. I’m happy we’re only six weeks away from spring but there is so much going on at my house with all the extra cat care, running to the vet, human doctors, dealing with my ancient granny, working more hours than is wise,

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