A Birthday Wish For Shelter Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 30, 2014/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cats/ 20 comments

This a special birthday edition of Notes from a Shelter. Birthday gifts are nice but my wish is a forever home for every shelter cat. It’s not that far fetched. Think about it. The U.S. population in 2013 was approximately 316,128,839 adults. Even after eliminating children and any unsuitable candidates, it’s a huge number. According to ASPCA stats, Approximately 3.4 million are

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How To Examine Your Cat In Between Vet Visits

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 24, 2014/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Holistic cat care, Merlin, Vet 101/ 18 comments

  Most cats see their vet once or twice a year leaving ample opportunity for symptoms to develop. We’re re-posting part of a post from last year. Our primary vet, Dr. Rich Goldstein came over yesterday to check out Merlin. There’s something magical about a mobile clinic on wheels. A few steps outdoors on a muggy day with Merlin in

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Kittens, Kittens, Kittens! & When Bonded Cats Split Up

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 23, 2014/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 20 comments

We’re taking a break from our usual Wednesday adoption spotlight on adult cats to focus on kittens. Last week at the shelter they mewed from every corner. Tabby kittens, tuxie, tortie and ginger kittens. Smoke blue, gray, bi-colored, male, female, shy, blind or bold, tiny fluff balls to young teens. The only thing they share, besides being cute is their

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I Knead My Mommy And Other Poems By Kittens — Review & Giveaway

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 20, 2014/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art/ 57 comments

New York Times bestselling author of I Could Pee On This Francesco Marciuliano’s new book of poetry by kittens is squee-worthy. But wait! The prince of pet poetry and his kitty muses tell it like it really is. Yes, I Knead My Mommy And Other Poems by Kittens has oodles of cute pics of kittens in the same gorgeous, pocket-sized format

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Cats at the Corner of Awkward and Happy

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 18, 2014/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies/ 18 comments

Are you happy it’s Friday? The millions of cat photos and videos online are a testament to how cats make us happy. Awkward, funny, adorable, quirky, cute, we love them all.   What we also love are selfies.  We love a new contest with Nala as their poster gal but we’re not happy The entry date is over but Go to http://catsieawards.tumblr.com/,to see the

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Vet 101: Are you Secretly Prejudiced? How To Choose The Right Cat

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 17, 2014/ Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats, Vet 101/ 26 comments

They say cats choose us but if that was entirely true there would be very few homeless cats. There are millions of cats clamoring for good homes but ultimately we’re the one’s who do the choosing, sign the adoption papers, open our hearts and check books. The closest cat/human bonds seem to have a synchronicity or meant to be aspect

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Lil BUB Stars in CATastrophes, The Hilarious New Web Series on Animalist.com

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 15, 2014/ Cats, Feline Funnies, Shelter Cats/ 21 comments

The cat entertainment world scored big time when Discovery Digital Network’s Animalist.com recently picked up a funny cat-centric web series called CATastrophes. Think of the web series as fully realized, well produced mini films or shorts. The series, created and written by my friend Alana Grelyak of the Cat in the Fridge blog and is directed by her filmmaker husband Michael Gabriele. CATastrophes stars Alana and actor/comedian

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Mondays With Merlin: Catty Drama Queens, The Dalai Lama & Hammock Time

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 14, 2014/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Layla Morgan Wilde, Merlin, Mondays With Merlin, Secrets of Cats/ 38 comments

After last week’s whirlwind of good, bad and ugly events, cats as always restore equanimity. Leave it me, Merlin to get Layla back on an even keel. Sadly, to add insult to injury, a cat blogger and is a current finalist for best pet blog wrote a prickly post yesterday about the drama surrounding the Petties Awards. No doubt in

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DogTime Media in the Dog House: The Pettie Awards Scandal

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 11, 2014/ Cats, Contests & Giveaways/ 75 comments

When is an award nominee not an nominee? When the organizers screw up big time. In 2012 and 2013, Cat Wisdom 101 received Pettie Award nominations for Best Cat Blog. This week we were pleasantly surprised to receive the following emails from DogTime Media notifying us about three Pettie Award nominations: Best Cat Blog, Best Over All Pet Blog and

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Vet 101: Do You Know These Two Common Liver Disorders in Cats?

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 10, 2014/ Cats, Holistic cat care, Vet 101/ 22 comments

This week’s Vet 101 is by veterinarian, Dr. Letrisa Miller has a feline-only practice Connecticut Feline Medicine and Surgery in Manchester, Connecticut. Common Liver Disorders in Cats: Cholangitis and Cholangiohepatitis by Letrisa M. Miller, MS, DVM Liver disease is one of the more common problems seen in middle-age to older cats. It is commonly associated with pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease,

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Death of a Cat Muse & Meet #AdorableAdoptables Gilbert

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 9, 2014/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cats, Holistic cat care, Layla Morgan Wilde, Shelter Cats/ 31 comments

We all know how important it is to spay/neuter our cats. Neutered males are less prone to spraying, roaming, being aggressive and of course eliminating unwanted pregnancies and their strong,smelly urine. The personality changes occur almost overnight like what happened to Gilbert, a new arrival at the shelter I volunteer at. Gilbert, an unneutered surrender, and stunning young tabby with

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Summer Mondays With Merlin: Stop, Smell, Savor You Know What

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 7, 2014/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Man Cat Mondays, Merlin, Mondays With Merlin/ 28 comments

Summer is whizzing by and I’m savoring every whiff. The first batch of roses have already died and I’m waiting for the next buds to bloom. Oh my whiskers, day lilies are out already, the clematis is climbing high, the raspberries will bear fruit soon and Layla feels like someone set summer on warp speed. Can someone set up a

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