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Fire! Does Your Local Fire Dept. Have Oxygen Masks For Cats?

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Fire! Does Your Local Fire Dept. Have Oxygen Masks For Cats?

We never know when an emergency will strike but we can be informed. It’s National Emergency Preparedness Month.

We prepared for Tropical Storm Hermine but it turned out to be a non-event. We were not so lucky when Superstorm Sandy struck. That disaster made me a believer in being prepared well in advance.

oxygen masks for cats

One of the scariest emergencies is fire. Every second counts and smoke inhalation is deadly. A lucky cat survived a house fire this week in Iowa because someone donated pet-sized oxygen masks to their local fire department. Check out the inspiring video of Cleo the cat.

I assumed my local fire department was equipped to treat pets, but what I found out surprised me. Pet oxygen masks come in different sizes and only be used once. They cost @ $65.00 each. A local advocacy group recently held a fundraising car wash in my town to replenish our local supply of pet oxygen masks. I’m sorry I missed the event and grateful for their effort. I dug deeper and found out our two local fire departments received in June, a federal grant of over $440K to purchase equipment. There was no mention of equipment for pets. You can be sure I’ll be following up to find out.

PLEASE check with you local fire department and find out if they have oxygen masks for pets. If they don’t, consider buying and donating one or more. Or organize your own fundraiser, perhaps with the help of your local shelter. I hope this video will convince you to take action.


September is full of valuable awareness holidays.

Check out the great tips from the AVMA but most useful is an interactive map of every U.S. state and their animal disaster plans and resources.

The best time to take advantage of resources is when we’re calm and don’t need them.

Jot down relevant number and emails. Store digital and hard copies in an easy to find location with your extra emergency stickers to place on windows and doors. You can make your own with duct tape and permanent marker. Or order free ones from ASPCA (delivery is 6-8 weeks).

ASPCA emergency stickers

It’s Animal Pain Awareness Month. Do you know if your cat or dog is in pain? It’s not a substitute for veterinary services butcheck out the tips and this helpful infographic from

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

We love our cats and it is after all, Happy, Healthy Cat Month. See tips from The CAtalyst Foundation.

Do you have any emergency tips from personal experience?oxygen masks for cats

If so, please leave it in a comment. Stay safe dear friends.


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